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Comment: Re:"Sin free" easy to localize (Score 1) 279 279

Once again you've failed to localise properly.

If they really want it entirely sin free it will be easy to localize: a blank page is the same in any language.

No, no, no, no, no.

Blank pages promote imagination with leads to all kinds of sinful thoughts and activities like reading books and playing games. Worse than that it encourages children to think for themselves, which is the root of all sins.

Blank pages are the work of the commu-devil, heathen.

Comment: Re:Preening Progressive Prius Pricks (Score 1) 656 656

No law needed, once the government stop subsidizing oil diesel and gas vehicles will be as expensive to drive as they are in other countries and electric will start to look a lot more attractive.

And the oil price will have to skyrocket.

I live in Australia where we pay A$1.40 per litre (US$5.80 per US gallon) and we've got an A$0.37 per litre fuel excise (as well as a 10% GST, included in the price). The pre tax price of petrol is under A$1 per litre. So petrol isn't that expensive. Even in the UK where they have even more tax on petrol (what we pay in Aussie dollars, they pay in UK Pounds) it isn't prohibitively expensive to keep a car in fuel.

Meanwhile, electric vehicles are twice the cost of equivalent ICE vehicles and have a limited shelf life as the battery packs will degrade over 10 years. Also there's the cost of electricity, the A$0.22 per KW/h rate will easily double if just half of drivers buy a plug in vehicle.

Beyond that, no-one is buying them because the range is terrible and recharging takes several times longer than the drive to deplete the battery. 10 hours to charge and 100 KM to deplete. Petrol will need to be 4 times its current price to make this alternative better.

Comment: Re:Citizen of Belgium here (Score 2) 1238 1238

Greece LIED/MANIPULATED their financial reports to get credits. You can't blame banksters for that.

What you meant to say is the creditors failed in their due diligence to ensure the information was accurate and correct.

Its not as if Greece hasn't got a history of corrupt and less than honest government.

This is a huge shit sandwich that should be eaten primarily by the creditors but we all know is going to be passed onto average people who had no part in the decision making process.

Comment: Re:responsibility (Score 1) 338 338

sparkling debate about who is responsible for the accident

The Audi/VW group has waaaaay more money than the robot manufacturer. I bet I know who the deceased's family sues for compensation.

Erm... In countries with sane industrial relations laws the employer is directly responsible for ensuring that all the equipment provided for use is safe and the worker is trained on how to operate it. So yes, they will be the ones getting sued, however in this case, the family will only be entitled to sue if they can demonstrate the employer failed this "duty of care". If the employee forgot to set the safeties or ignored procedure, they dont have the right to sue. If VAG failed it's duty of care, the fines from the regulatory authority would dwarf the compensation claims anyway.

VAG will likely offer compensation to the employees family out of an obligation in either case (in Germany this is likely negotiated by their evil unions that dare to look after employees).

Comment: Re:I think Apple's glory days are over (Score -1, Troll) 311 311

with Steve Jobs dead Apple is slowly sliding to the back of the technology race, a good android smartphone is just as good as an iphone for much less cost, and Linux on a PC is looking better everyday, i give Apple another 5 to 10 years and they will be a shadow of their former selves

Apple has always been behind in the technology race. The only thing Steve Jobs did was put them ahead in the propaganda and marketing race.

Good Android smart phones have always been cheaper and more capable than Iphones, the only thing that has changed is the RDF is wearing off and more people are realising what many of us have known for years. Android were offering 3G and LTE phones before Apple, its a joke amongst Android users that Iphone users can have the same features in 2-3 years... If Apple lets them.

Same with their computers. The hardware is the same COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) as other manufacturers but has a higher mark up, the software is nothing special. Most people who know how to use a computer end up infuriated when trying to use a Mac.

Apple has a problem now that Steve Jobs' cult of personality is diminishing. Without that, they're just another hardware vendor in a very competitive market.

Comment: Re:Why all the Safari/Apple hate ?... (Score -1) 311 311

As a 20yr IT guy

As a 35 year old sysadmin I can say your inexperience is showing. (and I work in IT.. and push it pretty hard.. so No, I'm not "just surfing Facebook" with it)

Looking at the various current certifications (VCAP-DCV, VCP-NV are the ones worth mentioning) I can say there is a metric shit load that doesn't work on Safari. So I'm calling shenanigans on that.

Looking around at a room of IT specialists, the only ones with a Mac are middle managers. This is why we dislike it, it's a product designed to keep the user occupied, not to enable the user to be productive.

Comment: Re:Drone It (Score 1) 834 834

Originally, the F22 was to fill the air superiority role (and it does that better than any fighter ever made), and the F35 was the mish-mash of other roles. Everyone following this stuff knew the F35 wouldn't be great at any one particular role, but for dogfighting it was always a joke - and really, that was OK, as the F22 had its back if needed. But we stopped buying F22s way too soon, we don't have enough, and the huge R&D costs weren't spread across enough planes.

The F35 is meant to be a replacement for the FA18. Many countries with a small airforce tend to use one type of jet, the FA18 is the first choice in multi-role fighters for those who can afford them.

Comment: Re:Drone It (Score 1) 834 834

In reality, the only way to fight a war like ISIS is to do what was done to Germany -- level all cities (and all buildings in the city) that even are rumored to have insurgents. Without the commitment to do actual, yucky warfare that completely breaks all resistance... half-ass measures just creates emboldened enemies (think "Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!".)

I can only assume that you're fighting for ISIS, because hundreds of thousands of martyrs to the next generation is their wet dream.

ISIS doesn't have cities. If you bomb the cities in the middle east ISIS will grow from an organisation of a few thousand to an organisation of millions because the alternative is to sit at home being slaughtered. ISIS is closer to a conventional enemy than any other terrorist organisation, they're trying to gain and hold ground, establish power using traditional means.

They say "Americans are always ready to fight the last war" but it seems you're even further back than that. You dont remember that WWII wasn't won by bombing cities, it was won because the allies were a better alternative to Nazi rule. Carpet bombing is widely considered to be one of the biggest mistakes of WWII, its value to the war was questionable for the resources it consumed.

Its your mindset that lead to the utter failures that were Vietnam and Iraq part II.

Comment: Re:Look outside, not inside (Score 2) 195 195

My wife's 'vette has a hud in it and the first thing I do when I drive the car is turn the hud off. When flying the best advice is to keep your head 'out of the cockpit', in other words scanning the skies around you. New pilots' are always glued to the instruments, mature pilots eyes are focused outside except for quick scans of the instruments.

This, a thousand times this.

I was trained to drive defensively from the word go. This means keeping your eyes outside the car. You'd only need to scan your instruments (which realistically means just your speedo and maybe your rev counter if you drive a manual and cant hear or feel the engine (AKA: the most incompetent manual driver in the world)). I check my instruments every 10 to 15 seconds, about the same interval as I check my mirrors.

As such I've never understood the argument "I keep getting speeding tickets because I dont want to constantly stare at my speedo". This tells me a few things that make you a terrible driver.
1. It takes you a while to figure things out. My speed registers in my brain in a fraction of a second, if it takes you longer to read a number I'd hate to think how long it takes you to register a real hazard like a dog or cow in the road.
2. You cant keep a consistent speed. If your speed changes that drastically in 10 seconds, its time to admit you need lessons.

Comment: Re:How does that compare to desktops? (Score 4, Interesting) 195 195

Similar statements could be made for desktops, where tray icon pop-ups for updates, email and chat notifications distract and interrupt workflows.

This. This is why when I want to get work done and not get distracted I shut down Outlook, IM, my browser and any other thing that might distract me. The difference is if I get distracted on my PC, I get distracted. If I get distracted in my car people could die.

A big popup interface on the windscreen is going to serve as a fantastic distraction. Especially as it's primary use is going to be Facebook, Twitter and so forth. People who are already terrible drivers will be staring right at the back of the car as they plough into it because their brain wont even register that the car is coming closer as their too distracted reading the latest tweet about gluten free mittens or some such.

As such, I'm filing this study under N for "No shit".

Comment: Re:Or (Score 0) 117 117

Or you could wash the wings once in a while. You're on the tarmac for over an hour while:
- Passengers are busy boarding despite their boarding group not being called.
- Crews are not loading your luggage.
- The pilot is working on his second cup of "sober up" coffee.
- The flight attendants are gossiping about who fucked whom.
- Etc.

Might as well have a guy spend 2 minutes hosing off the wings. Impact of build-up during a single flight surely falls below the point where applying and maintaining a fancy coating is cheaper than having Jose hos-e off the bugs.

Knowing the way airports work. They'll have to spend at least 25 minutes hosing down the wings with a special machine (which is just a Karcher that costs 18 times as much) which will only result in all your luggage getting wet as the handlers will be hosed down as they go through it for anything worth stealing.

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