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I had some German student revert an edit I made about the second largest carnival in the UK (second only to notting hill) - I was on the council committee that organized the dam thing and was in charge on one of the events that had 1000 participants and over 200k spectators - I just gave up with wikipedia after that.

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by mjwalshe (#46659959) Attached to: The Problem With Congress's Scientific Illiterates
You need a system more akin to PMQ's in the UK Stupid or incompetent polticins who are not on top of their brief get ripped to pieces by the opposition - rather than handing out lucrative jollies on committees by age It would weed out blatantly stupid people Dan Quale and Sarah Palin very early on

As George Galloway did to one rather dumb congress man a while back - and he is not even considered a brilliant speaker

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