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Comment: Ms tax is trivial compared to other costs (Score 1) 244

by mjwalshe (#47896579) Attached to: City of Turin To Switch From Windows To Linux and Save 6M Euros
The cost of office per year compared to the cost of employing a single employee is tiny even more so if they are a civil servant with a juicy pension entitlement - when I was in charge of the tech at a small 10 person company I reckoned it cost us less than £50 a year per person for office and xp

Comment: Re:Tech workers should get nothing. (Score 1) 200

MM do you really want old school Industrial relations could make hitting key deployment dates interesting sorry boss my rsi is playing up something chronic oh what that a fat brown envelope in my lunch box I suddenly feel much better :-)

I have a mate who now works in HR for a FSTE 100 company who used to work in heavy industry and he commented even the tea boy got a grand bung - this was when the average salary was around 2k.

Comment: Re:Nah... (Score 1) 200

Officers of companies are liable just remove there ability to sit on a board of a company - then the share holders go of sorry Eric you are banned from being a board member you have made your self unemployable hers your statutory redundancy and thanks for all your work - oh and those un vested stock options we will have those back thank you

Comment: Re:Punitive Damages? (Score 1) 200

The hr and ceo's directors of the company's to be named as "not fit and proper persons" to be board members of company's - ie they are legally disbarred from holding any senior position for say 10 years. Also the HR directors should be expelled from the HR professional body.

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