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Comment: Build an 1980's arcade machine (Score 1) 620

by mjrobinson (#23444436) Attached to: What To Do With Old Laptops?
Remember the 80's - space invaders, asteroids etc etc - just load up MAME, buy some proper arcade controls, stick it all in a shiny wooden box and then finally try and get those high scores that eluded you in your youth.

I had a right laugh building my last arcade machine and even included a jukebox of 80's music just to complete the effect.

My arcade box



+ - Unix Laptop unveiled by Asus for $200

Submitted by mjrobinson
mjrobinson (922279) writes "Last week Asus released the spec for a neat Unix Laptop priced at $200. The price is kept low by using a small screen, using flash instead of a hard disk and of course using Unix rather than Vista. It's got speakers, a small web cam, wifi and between 2gb and 16gb flash. There's no need to queue up with the kids in Africa as they aim to sell it world wide from August this year. "

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