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by mjr167 (#46746253) Attached to: First Glow-In-the-Dark Road Debuts In Netherlands

I'm not sure what this obsession with street lights is... We don't have street lights where I live and it's nice. We somehow manage to not run over children and animals, though the deer do occasionally hit cars. Stupid deer dashing out of the woods and running into cars... (cars never hit deer, the deer always hits the car).

As a result we can look up and see the sky at night and we don't have street lights shining into our houses in the middle of the night.

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by mjr167 (#46666425) Attached to: Federal Bill Would Criminalize Revenge Porn Websites

If we did accept your argument, then we would also have to accept that it would be a violation of free speech to film film young girls in a dressing room or to take covertly film women going up an escalator so we can see up their dresses. In both cases, this is not acceptable, and the former is is not only because of age issues.

Actually... Upskirting is apparently currently legal.

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One of my coworkers is teaching a class at the local university. They are paying him $6000 for the semester. He has 30 students, each student pays the uni $2600 to take the class so the uni got $78,000 in tuition for this one class and had to pay the professor $6000. Where do you think the money goes?

It's an online class. There is no lab equipment, no building fee...

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That actually varies by state to state... Some states require the landlord to provide notice, others do not. I had this problem at my first apartment. The landlord was constantly sending in maintenance and not bothering to tell me. They had to do work on the furnace, inspect the fire extinguishers, etc. At least once a month they came in and the only reason I knew was because I bought a security camera. It was ridiculous. In the end, I moved out. Legally there was nothing I could do and trust me, I was pissed and tried.

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by mjr167 (#46553973) Attached to: Navy Database Tracks Civilians' Parking Tickets, Fender-Benders
Actually... yes... If you have a security clearance you are required to report traffic violations resulting in large fines. Until recently the limit was $150, but in the last couple of years they upped it to $300. Apparently the US government thinks that if you routinely drive 90 in a 50 you are irresponsible or something.

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We have a new hire going through our one project and fixing compile issues (we are porting to a new architecture and upgrading the compiler). He hit a series of errors about copy constructors being private. His solution was to just friend the class instead of asking us why the copy constructors were private. It was a database connection class and the destructor closed the connection. Those of us who knew what was going on, knew that this was Bad and we needed to fix the implicit copy that was happening with the new compiler, not just litter friend throughout the code to make it compile. Had we tried to run his fix, the system would have failed with closed database connections.

So yes. Experience is worth something.

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by mjr167 (#46548151) Attached to: Getting Misogyny, Racism and Homophobia Out of Gaming

If we are to claim that games are an art form akin to books, movies, poetry, music, and painting, then we have to accept that art often is designed to make us uncomfortable. Often, an artist calls attention to an issue by exploring it. For example, you have a gay protagonist who struggles with his own inner lack of acceptance and self-confidence as well as fears of how society views him. You include a scene where the gay guy gets beat up because he is gay. A successful artist would establish empathy between the character and the player, causing the player to question the moral implications of the scenario. Maybe he was ok with beating up gay guys before, but now he has established a bond with this character and thus becomes uncomfortable with the scene and questions long held beliefs?

It is not about turning the games into something like Sesame Street or Magical Friendship Land where we watch everyone get along. The stories that resonate the deepest with us are the stories that hit the closest to home. It is ok to portray the struggle of social injustice. To try to pretend that it does not exist is foolish and will not send a message other than "look how PC". Instead it is about creating a story that feels real, causes us to empathize with the characters, and thus question our own personal prejudices.

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But if we have the correct Processes in place then all the people just become interchangeable, unthinking cogs that blindly follow the all powerful Process!

If you are having trouble with your people not knowing how to do things or having trouble coming up to speed, then clearly your Process is broken and we need to pay 10 managers to take a week long trip to Hawaii in order to revamp the Process.

All the workers need to know is how to look up the correct Process and follow their check list. The Process will cover all scenarios and situations imaginable and should never be deviated from.

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Are they actually moving the root DNS servers? Cause otherwise nothing has really changed except the US is no longer regulating ICANN. ICANN is still physically located in the US. If the root servers are still in the US nothing prevents the NSA/FBI/whoever from walking in and turning them off.

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I find it hard to believe that dealers are stocking parts for every single model and year ever made. Can you really walk into a dealer and pick up a part for a '94 Honda right now?

I have an 07 and have been told "X is broke. We need to get you a new one and it's going to take us Y time." Fortunately most parts are standard so you don't need to special order an oil filter. Things like oil filters, control arm brackets, and hoses don't exactly change much year over year.

There are also a number of shops and mechanics who somehow have parts and can fix cars without running an entire dealership. When I needed the rear half of my car rebuilt, I didn't go to the dealer. I sent to a body shop and they somehow managed to get parts. I'm guessing they called the manufacturer and ordered half of a car :P

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