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Comment: Re:No shit. All cable content is crap these days. (Score 1) 85

by mjm1231 (#47687103) Attached to: Broadband Subscribers Eclipsing Cable TV Subscribers

None. I watch sports sporadically. Maybe a dozen NFL games, and once in awhile a special event like the Olympics or World Cup. However, I'm old enough to remember when that content was paid for purely by advertising. Now it still has advertising, so for me, the perceived value of being able to see these sports programs is pretty low. Certainly much much less per month than I pay for Netflix.

Comment: Re:Are You Kidding? (Score 1) 537

by mjm1231 (#47647823) Attached to: Geneticists Decry Book On Race and Evolution

Because the suggestion that race is something that exists at the biological level is a falsehood. Every genetic trait you can think of exists in more than one population group. From your perspective, it might be easy to note that Norther Europeans are more closely related, on average, to Zulu tribesmen than Australian Aborigines are. There is no genetic trait or group of traits you can check for and use to make a determination of race.

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