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Comment Re:Gee, I'm really torn... (Score 0) 129 129

While you may disagree with the price exacted by advertisers, they are still providing you with something in exchange. They help pay for the website you are visiting. Without their ads, the site likely wouldn't exist, or would exist in a considerably less useful form.

Counter argument: Ads on a website inherently cause the website to be in a considerably less useful form.

Comment Re:Would I have to eat extra? (Score 1) 67 67

To generate extra energy to power my devices? I could see myself enjoying that :D

We've already been on that merry-go-round with trying to shove corn into automobile fuel tanks. In all likelihood, powering your device this way will be dirtier and less fuel efficient than burning coal for the same amount of power.

Comment Re:Economic factors are my priority (Score 1) 187 187

Money spent buying coal from West Virginia stays in our economy, while oil bought abroad does not.

Well, sure, assuming the person you pay for the coal doesn't buy any clothing, electronics, or cars. The world economy just doesn't work this way any more.

Comment Re:Can we stop giving a damn about non-user scores (Score 1) 58 58

The purpose of criticism is not to tell you whether you will like something or not. It may touch on this, but that is a side affect, not the main purpose. For a variety of reasons, movie reviews sometimes are about whether you will like the movie or not, and offer nothing in the way of criticism (in the traditional academic sense). Sometimes reviewers who combine both, sometimes in the same review. I can see how this can create confusion for the casual review reader, as you have to try to figure out when a review is offering criticism and when it is just a review.

Movies made purely for entertainment often don't have anything worth critical appraisal, other than technical execution, which is why those sorts of movies often have poorer receptions from the critics than from the public. (Personally, I prefer a movie that has a bit more meat on the bone, and offers something to think about critically. I recall enjoying the first Avengers movie, but I can't recall a single thing that happened in it.)

Comment Re:What happened to Common Sense? (Score 3, Insightful) 363 363

You're supposed to cross at an intersection if possible, and if not, at least where you have a clear line of sight in both directions. You're also supposed to wait until it's safe to cross. If you can't see if it's safe to cross, you're doing it wrong.

Translation: Never ever cross the street in New York City.

Comment Re:Party loyalty is the root of the problem ... (Score 0) 191 191

The money of PACs is overrated. No amount of Koch brothers commercials will change an informed mind.

Except Koch money (and others, esp. Murdoch) is being used to "inform" minds. When Fox news viewers consistently score worse on questions about current events facts than those who watch no news at all, this raises the question of what counts as an "informed mind".

Comment Re: Oh won't someone please think of the children? (Score 1) 100 100

Wow, I can't believe two AC comments for this, and both modded down. People post openly their opinions on guns, abortion, and corporate taxation, but apparently saying the Simpsons is not good crosses a line.

Too bad. I agree with them 100%. I can probably quote nearly every line of dialogue from the first 7-10 seasons of the Simpsons. Everything after that (at least, as far as I have seen) is worse than average TV sitcom.

Comment Re:Phase out fossil-fueled power plants by midcent (Score 1) 308 308

We hear the same thing all the time about balancing the budget and paying down the deficit ever since Reagan, but neither one has happened yet.

At least 50% false (because I have no idea what was done with the "surplus" in those years):

"We don't care. We don't have to. We're the Phone Company."