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Comment: Re:"at war with my parents over who is in control" (Score 1) 169

by mjh (#27728795) Attached to: Bringing Up Bill

forced backwards compatibility

I certainly agree with most of the badness of the things that you cite except for the above. I think you have the direction wrong when you think of which way the force was for backward compatibility. It was not from MS to customers. It was the other way around.

MS had no choice but to support backward compatibility. Their desire to survive forced them into this position. Had they chosen to abandon it, their customers would have left them. It was customer demand for compatibility that kept it around.


+ - News Helicopters Crash

Submitted by wombatmobile
wombatmobile writes: Where I live, the law prohibits the use of a hand held mobile phone while driving a car.

In Phoenix, AZ, apparently some people are allowed to fly a helicopter, broadcast news competitively, and control their own airspace simultaneously whilst presenting a story to an audience in real time.

Which got me wondering, what are the neurophysiological limits of multitasking?

Might these limits ever be measured and quantified?

You cannot have a science without measurement. -- R. W. Hamming