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Comment: Hikvision and "Why are you doing it that way" (Score 1) 263

HikVision are not my favorite camera to use and prefer Axis or a ton of others, but they all do the same job.

What is with needing FTP?

You should have the corporate site web page that pulls up an image from the HikVision IP camera. That camera is password protected and will only pay attention to the web site or your programming IP address. Could do live feed or update on whatever schedule you want.

It sounds like the main chef wants to hand-write the menu and doesn't want to do it any other way, and you are compensating for it.

Comment: Surveys are likely blocked by people like us (Score 1) 119

by mjensen (#42269053) Attached to: Facebook Changes Privacy Policies, Scraps User Voting

If I were Facebook, I'd put the surveys on an a server like That way they wouldn't put surveys to the people using advertising blocking proxies.

Don't survey the people that would likely give results you don't want. Then you can change the wording so Mom and Pop generate the answer you'd like.

Comment: Re:Relying on third party wifi inspires confidence (Score 1) 135

by mjensen (#40515121) Attached to: NAVSOP Navigation System Rivals GPS

I can see how they could do it, but the implications are creepy.

They could have an app or query my phone. It'd reply with my GPS position and that the signal strength to 4 towers by name/ID. Enough tags like that, they can identify the towers in 3D space and go from there.

Enough tags like that and location can be found just from tower information.

Comment: Re:Perspectives (Score 1) 782

by mjensen (#40347137) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What's Your Take On HTTPS Snooping?

Okay, I'll bite on this one. Thank you for posting, Gellenburg.

I've had to go through hoops to get information to a customer and had to run around/through the IT department blocking my email. We had a time crunch, and it wasn't that sensitive of information, but policies were preventing me from sending, and we couldn't wait for IT to change rights to permit me to send this data. Sending ZIP files, for instance, was unpacked and scanned and blocked if the contents were funny. I used an unexpected archive format (my own).

I can easily see where you could detect the file names or database footprint of, say, a payroll database file. How good would your system be at finding the same data exported to spreadsheet format first?

Without compromising your system, what have you detected, and what couldn't you detect?



+ - Robotic Telepaths Select Between Food and Drugs, D->

Submitted by
brilanon writes: "So we have an evolution lab called Critterding where robotic shapes evolve to locomote and seek food using an eye, in a simple physics sandbox. Neural nets are designed by natural selection to respond to vision and move around in a competition to get food the fastest. No scores are kept, the critters' only goal is to reproduce and propagate their design. In this way you can slowly grow intelligent software controllers for your robots, resilient homing programs that socialize and paint, on a telepathic digital backstore that interconnects their brains like Rupert Sheldrake's morphic fields.

Sheldrake is a contemporary of Terence McKenna whose ideas about the role of drug foods in the emergence of language, spirituality and art influenced my decision to make critterdrug significantly. My program implements some ideas of both thinkers on evolution and biology. So it stands apart, but Critterding has moved on too and is worth trying on its own. Good luck, flamoot"

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+ - Poll: Americans Weigh Censorship vs Piracy->

Submitted by bs0d3
bs0d3 writes: In the wake of the online protests against the pending PIPA, SOPA, and ACTA anti-piracy bills, Rasmussen asked US voters what their opinion is on the issue of censorship vs illegal downloading. Through a telephone survey, voters were asked: "Which is a bigger problem, that some people download movies online without paying for them or that the government will censor Internet content?" While 67% agreed that piracy is theft, 71% said that they were more worried about censorship than they were illegal downloading.
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Comment: How about coping? (Score 2) 804

by mjensen (#34709740) Attached to: Should Colleges Ban Classroom Laptop Use?

If you want to ban laptops, then you need to go after cell phones, pagers, and everything else a student can bring in. I don't care about the result, as long as its uniform.
You may be required to change your teaching methods, to engage more students.

If you can't pay attention in class, it could be that's your problem. You may need to focus on the class and not care what screensavers are running on laptops, since you'll have to do the same thing when you are done with school.
Or gang up on the Facebook students and ask them to be more polite.

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