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Comment Re:sad (Score 1) 133

Excatly! Even the superconductor itself is YBCuO, which has been well known since 1986. It's the first "Type 2" superconductor to have been discovered.

It may be the first high-temperature superconductor discovered. Type II superconductors go back to the 1930s. (I worked with Nb3Sn samples when I had a summer job at Gulf General Atomic in 1969.)

Comment Re:As an American Conservative... (Score 2) 458

Note that the "reasoning" of Thomas was that the original view of the First Amendment at the time the Bill of Rights was enacted "does not include a right to speak to minors (or a right of minors to access speech) without going through the minors' parents or guardians."

Comment Re:Is it worth it anymore? (Score 1) 345

Depends entirely on the individual. There are several newsgroups I personally find worthwhile, and I much prefer dealihg with them through a regular newsgroup client. When Roadrunner dropped netnews last year I went with - 10 Euros/year - and have been quite satisfied. YMMV.

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