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Comment: Re:Icahn is bluffing (Score 1) 59

by mitgib (#43710665) Attached to: Rival Dell Buyout Plans Duke It Out

Exactly. A quick look at his little history (especially with Yahoo a few years back) shows that he's only in it to score some meat from a dying company while the victim is still breathing. Notice that he doesn't really go after healthy, growing companies - only those which show signs of being in serious trouble.

Netflix doesn't seem to be showing signs of trouble, or serious trouble. They had a big bump in the road with Quickster, but seem to be all stream ahead now.


+ - Raided for running a Tor exit node->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: A Tor Exit node owner is being prosecuted in Austria. As part of the prosecution all of his electronics including over 20 computers, his cell phone and hard disks have been held by the authorities. This brings up the question: What backup plan if any should the average nerd have for something like this?
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Comment: Re:bcache (Score 2) 331

by mitgib (#40912525) Attached to: Are SSD Accelerators Any Good?

Lets you use any SSD as a cache in front of another filesystem.

It would be niftier if it would let you use it as a block cache in front of any filesystem, instead of just one located on a specially-prepared partition. dm-cache will do this but isn't up to date.

Maybe Flashcache would be a better choice for some. I use this as a read-cache on several VPS nodes and the results are impressive.

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