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Comment Missing an option (Score 1) 85

I announce loudly and proclaim very clearly (after asking the company name again) that my number is on the National Do Not Call List and that I intend to file a formal complaint. ... usually invokes an immediate disconnect. Then their number gets added to the block list.

Comment Re:Glad you brought this up (Score 1) 153

What's to say he couldn't? A pfSense router has monitoring tools built in to track performance. You could easily wrote a minutely cron job to poll the last few values and fire off an email/tweet/whatever to the provider and all that would be needed is a little shell scripting.

Comment Re:at $15 a gig in overages they will pay off the (Score 1) 103

Personally, I don't think they can do it. After all, bandwidth is so precious that we have to try and throw out Net Neutrality and we have to throttle back abusers of the network, and to charge extremely high overage fees for people who exceed the very, very small data amounts we allow on the network. God forbid your kid visits Youtube! Yeah, I seriously doubt that Verizon has the network capacity to handle 5G ... Unless someone is lying...

Comment Re: What if you're on US "soil" abroad? (Score 1) 172

At some point we must realize that it is no longer worth arguing over. When we've reached a point that the generally accepted references available to validate the facts of the argument are no longer valid (please by all means, take that up with Then we've lost the ability to communicate. If you're dissatisfied with the use of 'ironic', or that 'for all intensive purposes' makes your skin crawl, then I pray that this weekend will be a joyful time for you. I pray that you'll enjoy some activity that will pull you away from Slashdot and allow yourself to have the ability to enjoy what you enjoy the most. Peace be to you and your family.

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