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+ - Fight for the Space Program->

Submitted by minterbartolo
minterbartolo (1956690) writes "I think we can all agree that our current NASA vision is lacking and that enthusiasm from the public on what we do and why is at an all time low. Came across this project over the weekend and it hopes to awaken the American public and fire them up. Neil and Bill seem to do more to get people excited about space and understanding it than at NASA here it seems. Anyway thought you might be interested in the project and help raise the call to arms. Spread the word if you think it is worth fighting for our space program."
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+ - Retro SciFi kickstarter is off to a great start->

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minterbartolo writes "Remember those 50's retro SciFi that we all loved well now some of the creative minds behind Star Trek, BSG, Babylon 5 and more are working bringing back that style of quality science fiction in a series of movies. The kickstarter campaign is already off to a great start, but could still use your help.
Can a single episode of quality tv or movie change your life, Marc Zircee and the team think so
for press contacts and interviews"

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+ - Shuttle Booster Video in HD with Enhanced sound->

Submitted by minterbartolo
minterbartolo (1956690) writes "From the guys who made the Ascent: Commemorating Shuttle video comes a new video that will be on the upcoming special edition of that DVD/BluRay.
Follow the Booster from liftoff to splash down in 720p and with enhanced sound thanks to Ben Burtt’s son and the wizards at Skywalker Sound."

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+ - Ascent:Commemorating Shuttle now HD iPad app->

Submitted by minterbartolo
minterbartolo (1956690) writes "last year we posted the 45 minute youtube video ( and the response from the public was overwhelming. now the folks at Glenn Research Center have put together a 640 MB HD iPad app so you can take the video with you and more content.

Ascent is a compilation of film and video representing the best of the best ground based Shuttle motion imagery from the STS-114, STS-117, and STS-124 missions. This app includes the entire Ascent production with commentary, numerous additional scenes, selected images, production notes, and an unreleased trailer."

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Comment: Re:How did Flynn know? (Score 1) 412

by minterbartolo (#34633172) Attached to: Tron: Legacy
in the flashbacks it showed Tron on the grid with the 3 dot over 1 dot pattern that was the same as Rinzlers. Original Tron compared to Rinzler: (see the dot pattern) Tron on the grid from Tron:Betrayal (prequel comic, since I can't find screencap from movie of the flashbacks)

Comment: Re:The writing was idiotic (Spoilers?) (Score 3, Interesting) 412

by minterbartolo (#34617846) Attached to: Tron: Legacy
they were giving him armor for the games. rogue programs are rounded up by the recognizers and sent to the games. did anyone else on Sam's recognizer look like they were ready to participate in the games, no they also would have been armored up by the Sirens. what is wrong with blowing up the End of Line club he had to go there first to get kevin's identity disk so on the way out he place some C4. not seeing why this isn't okay. Tron always fought for the users, at that point he had lost both his identity disks so maybe seeing Kevin up close when he did the fly over of the light jet reset his bas programming and freed him from CLU's control. Zuse/Castor betrayal was no different than Lando's betrayal on Cloud City just with a little more flair. Encom has moved beyond just making videogames in the 28 years since Kevin took over the company, the tv flashback sort of covered that. Sam learned to grow up and be a man sort of like bruce wayne went on his walk about then retook over Wayne Enterprises. The Shiva laser digitizes you and breaks you down to base biomaterial building blocks sort of like a Trek transporter stores the person in a buffer pattern. on the way out the buffer is rebuilt using the carbon/h2o and other materials (canisters on the side of the laser nozzle) to reintegrate you. for Quorra it would use the digital blueprint to create a physical representation. now how CLU was going to fit everyone in the basement is beyond me. maybe once he got through he would move the laser to an outside location for greater output.

Comment: Enjoyed it and hoping for a TRON3 (Score 1) 412

by minterbartolo (#34617256) Attached to: Tron: Legacy
I think it was visually stunning movie that needs to be seen in IMAX in 3D. The 3D is subtle and adds a layer of depth like some of the themes of the movie that I think most critics missed when they call it an incomprehensible plot. Unlike Pocahontas in Space last year the plot didn't hit you over the head with the themes (Last year it was pretty easy to follow Greedy white man invades kill natives, Military bad, Ecoterrorism good) On the surface it is the typical Joesph Campbell Hero's Journey: reluctant Hero (Sam) gets a message(page to Alan Bradley) to set him off on his quest, meets wise old wizard (kevin) and mythical creature (Quorra) on the way to defeat the baddie (Clu) and save the kingdom along the way a lost warrior returns to the light to redeem himself. But deeper it is the primal story mix of Lucifer trying to overthrow God and rule the kingdom of heaven and Hitler trying to rule the world with his perfect solution. Clu is not some cookie cutter mustache twirling villain at his base core he is the illegitimate son trying to win the love and respect of his father and know he did right. He does what he does fanatically because he is limited by his program, he can't think outside the box and hates the Isos because they now have God's love (who also have free will like Man) Have we solved the uncanny valley with Clu (Bridge's deaging) not completely but at the same time we know he is a program limited by that programing code so the fact he looks a little off actually works for me. definitely go see it in the theater, the acting is not Shakespeare, but did anyone compare Mark Hamill in Star Wars to Laurence Olivier? Tron has always held a special place in my heart as that is about the time I started programing (BASIC on a TRS-80 after an elementary school summer camp) and it showed the wonders of the inside of computer. Tron Legacy is the next evolution has us question what is digital life, with all our social and virtual interactions of cyberspace these days does our cyberself represent us or something more. Now with the grid existing on Sam's neck server what new evolution will it take place? What is the future for Quorra? Did Kevin's final embrace/rectication with Clu jump start a new ISO life in the sea of simulation (sort of like the monolith causing Jupiter into a Sun to support life on Europa in 2010) Will Dillinger leave Encom to start his own company to rival Sam?

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