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Comment Re:MS Wants to Own Your Machine for Good (Score 1) 572

Have you actually tried using a Mac productively? ...They are an absolute nightmare for anyone used to the Swiss Army knife of the computer world (PC).

I have a game developer friend who likes the Apple laptops for durability and weight and brings his to meetings for demos but he absolutely hates the keyboard and shortcuts and uses a desktop windows box at home for serious dev efforts.

Comment Re:I have no debt and a hefty savings account (Score 1) 386

Getting a bigger credit limit only to use it for larger payments just means you cost them more.

I can't figure out why you'd cost them more. Please clarify.

It's mostly an opportunity cost kind of thing. With every credit card I've ever had you pay no interest as long as you pay off the balance in full by the payment date. This means that, if you always pay off the balance, the bank is effectively giving you an interest free loan from the time you make the purchase until the time you make the payment. The bank could invest that money they loaned you in just about any other investment and make more than 0% return on it. Giving you a bigger credit limit just means they'd be allowing you to take an even bigger interest free loan.

That's the way the credit card companies make money off of _you_.
They also make money from a percentage (or sometimes fixed) cost of everything you buy. So if you use a credit card daily and pay off $800-1000 every month, the credit card company makes money on that account. They need to make at least enough money each month one way or the other to justify managing the costs of dealing with your account.

Comment Re:Detecting weapons is NOT the purpose of TSA... (Score 1) 349

... giving you the feeling that your government cares and reacted to 9/11 and other threats is.


If you're in a democracy, get the cause-effect correct. It's all your fellow citizens who wanted the guvmint to "do something" even tho going shopping was probably the best thing to do, but Bush could have been more eloquent, perhaps saying something about all we have to fear is fear itself.

TSA is the fear itself.

Submission + - The Hi-Tech Search for Sunken Ships (

minstrelmike writes: The title 2,000 year old 'computer' discovered: How tech and shipwrecks are rewriting human history makes it sound as if we're investigating old technology, which is happening with the discovery of well-preserved artifacts such as the British Navy's Massey pumps from 1845 when that technology was quickly changing.

The most interesting piece of the story is how they are using sonar to locate wrecks and robots to investigate them, although it still takes human divers to go inside. Melting a hole in the arctic ice is the best way of viewing a wreck because the ice prevent waves from raising sediment.

Comment Re:Unionize (Score 4, Informative) 350

What we need are rule in place that if you are applying for H1B Visa workers, you have to prove you have done qualified job search for the positions and found NO workers to fill them.

The problem is that one of the "qualifications" for being an employee is called "salary" and businesses don't like to pay high salaries. To employees. They don't seem to have a problem paying CEOs.

Submission + - Barbie gets a brain (

minstrelmike writes: Mattel is coming out with a Talking Barbie designed by a huge team to be your best friend. She is pre-scripted with thousands of responses controlled by an AI with designs to be your best friend.

The design team remembers the "Math is hard" debacle of the 1990s and if a girl asks if she's pretty, Barbie will respond, "Yes. And you're smart, too." If she asks if Barbie believes in God, she says a person's beliefs are personal. And suggests talking to grownups about some problems.

Barbie Wants to Get to Know Your Child even discusses trying to avoid edited vids on YouTube by scripting out words such as cockroach.

Comment Re:Throwing a puppy in front of the car (Score 1) 122

... When cruising along the lidar isn't so important, the car wouldn't need to stop quickly just because one of its many sensors was blinded for a few seconds.

You're thinking like a software person. This is hardware. If your Lidar is only 90% sure of what's in front of you, should you stop or keep going and possibly crash into something or kill a pedestrian? I know what the company lawyers would say.

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