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Comment Re:Unionize (Score 5, Informative) 349

What we need are rule in place that if you are applying for H1B Visa workers, you have to prove you have done qualified job search for the positions and found NO workers to fill them.

The problem is that one of the "qualifications" for being an employee is called "salary" and businesses don't like to pay high salaries. To employees. They don't seem to have a problem paying CEOs.

Submission + - Barbie gets a brain (

minstrelmike writes: Mattel is coming out with a Talking Barbie designed by a huge team to be your best friend. She is pre-scripted with thousands of responses controlled by an AI with designs to be your best friend.

The design team remembers the "Math is hard" debacle of the 1990s and if a girl asks if she's pretty, Barbie will respond, "Yes. And you're smart, too." If she asks if Barbie believes in God, she says a person's beliefs are personal. And suggests talking to grownups about some problems.

Barbie Wants to Get to Know Your Child even discusses trying to avoid edited vids on YouTube by scripting out words such as cockroach.

Comment Re:Throwing a puppy in front of the car (Score 1) 122

... When cruising along the lidar isn't so important, the car wouldn't need to stop quickly just because one of its many sensors was blinded for a few seconds.

You're thinking like a software person. This is hardware. If your Lidar is only 90% sure of what's in front of you, should you stop or keep going and possibly crash into something or kill a pedestrian? I know what the company lawyers would say.

Comment Re:Just a harmless drone this time (Score 2) 179

...Drone safety is a serious issue. Yes, next time it could be a terrorist with an explosive drone. Terrorism is a serious issue, regardless of ideology.

You're obviously not paying attention. If it's a Christian American crazy (such as Timmy McVeigh), then we say it's just a crazy. If it's a Muslim crazy killer, then we say it's part of an international religion with one billion believers and we piss in our pants.

It's a problem of social perspective which is _always_ based on ideology.

Comment Storage for how long? (Score 2) 99

The cost of storage will come down somewhat as folks figure out they're getting screwed by the vendors.
But you need to come up with retention policies and rock hard evidence handling processes. Those are an extra cost
but the biggest cost of all with be if there's a conviction using the film. If so, you've got to store that for the length of the prison term for appeals and stuff. The cost of the cameras themselves is irrelevant over the lifetime of the "project." same old same old.

Submission + - A True Wearable (

minstrelmike writes: Polyera is working on a flexible, fabric-like screen that uses eInk technology (like the Kindle) and can go days without recharging. Sounds good if it really works.

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