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Comment Money, man. (Score 1) 108

It all comes down to money. You don't cheat the global money mafia. Screw with the actual mafia, and they might break your legs. Steal their money and they encase you in concrete and dump you off the coast. Same thing here. Same thing with the justice system. Steal a movie from Wal-Mart, get a suspended jail sentence with fines. Fail to pay those fines, and you go to jail till you pay them off. Just think what Wal-Mart would do to you if they had control over your punishment. Always follow the money. It's the one universal constant of human civilization.

Comment Political harassment? (Score 3, Interesting) 1069

I think EA needs to check their facts. Sending in letters to let a corporation know you do not approve of their behavior isn't 'harassment', it's freedom of speech, which is precisely why it is enshrined within the founding documents of the United States of America, and simply because letter senders speak from a position many deem 'unacceptable' doesn't violate that groups right to speak on behalf of their beliefs, unless you think everyone is required to accept homosexuality. Seems to me EA also missed the part whereby some thousand or more game-players exercised their right to free speech with respect to Mass Effect 3's ending, which seems odd to me, as it would appear it's quite acceptable to decry a video games ending like children throwing a tempter tantrum, but if you write a company to criticize their choice to popularize life-styles that conflict with your personal and cherished beliefs, your letters are labeled 'political harassment'. But I guess manipulating the masses is one good quality of every successful video game company. For the record, I'm a independent atheist, but everyone has the right in my opinion to say what they want, and if the US continues trending in it's current direction, the following link portends our future: Not really where I want to see civilization trend.

Comment Re:Anti-Gay? (Score 4, Insightful) 1069

Regardless of where you stand on homosexuality, citing nature's activities as defense of homosexuality is entirely illogical. Animals, within the context of their natural environs, commit a variety of acts humans would never even think to tolerate within civilization, so when you say "well, look, all the animals do it so it's immediately acceptable for humans to do it, too" you offer me, and everyone else, the unmitigated authority to condone pretty much anything.

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