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Comment Re:flight data vs. eyewitness (Score 3, Informative) 620

The interesting question, to me, is whether or not it was actually flying below the treeline. From TFA, the drone's owner presented flight data showing that the drone was not below the treeline, but the man who shot the drone down had two eyewitnesses saying it was lower. If we have altitude readings and video footage, it seems to me those should be able to trump eyewitnesses (assuming that data is complete and not suspect). That's why people are pushing to put bodycams on police, for example.

He shot it with birdshot from a shotgun. If it was above the treeline its doubtful he would have been able to bring it down with such a shot. Hit it? Maybe. But the further the range the less damage and more spread out the birdshot is.

Comment Re:Career Is But A Quait Concept Now (Score 1) 233

Keep moving, or you will get fired? Who is going to hire someone who keeps switching jobs constantly? I'm sure you will be modded to +5 Insightful though.

You obviously haven't been keeping an eye on the job market. There are plenty of places who are looking for 6-12 month contracts to get some new site up and running, or to staff up for some new initiative that may last a couple years then who knows. I've never stayed at any IT job for longer than 3 years, and I have never once had a single hiring manager bring that up as a negative.

The ones you want to work for understand how the market is these days. And believe me, it's a seller's market. Companies are dying to find good IT talent. They realize that "global sourcing" is more like "you get what you pay for" and they want good help quickly. They can't promise they'll still have that need 5 years from now -- who can? -- and don't want to waste each others' time pretending that's not the case.

Even if you did stay at the same place for years, you wouldn't earn what you're worth. They'll pay the new guys a lot more than your yearly increase. So work the system to your favor, and always be the new guy.

This. I was at a company for just over three years, took their lowball offer because at the time I NEEDED a job. But after 3 years in they were still the cheap ass stingy company that hired me and refused to give me any kind of raise or path to higher paying positions. So I found a new job that gave me a 30% raise. The new job wasn't exactly what was explained to me when I was hired, so 10 months into this job I found another one that was. Took another 15% raise from that point. I'm now earning over $40,000 more per year than I was at the original company. All within 1 year of moving on from their cheap asses. Moving can be very beneficial if done right and at the right times.

Comment Re:Not all that uncommon in reality (Score 2) 217

Not every game on Steam requires Steam to be open and logged in to play. There are many that are 100% DRM free. You can literally take the folder, move it and still launch the game even if steam is closed out completely. You just need Steam to install it initially then you can do what you wish with the game. Examples of some of these games:

Comment Re:WONTFIX (Score 1) 378

Yeah, pretty much no one is impressed by your credentials. Moreover, no one really cares what you'd do. Obviously Valve doesn't give a crap about your opinion since they're not managing their staff the way you do. Looks to me they are way more successful than probably any company you've been with. So good luck with that short man complex you got going on there.

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