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Comment Google can do that (Score 1) 95

Google Chrome (45-50% desktop+mobile browser market share) can stop trusting all certificates signed Symantec and display security warnings encouraging users to change Certification Authority. Aside of essentially losing the future certificate business, many customers will require refund for already purchased certificates. So yeah, Symantec will just comply with whatever Google says.

Comment Re:Yeah right (Score 1) 128

Oh yes. The company I work for provide computer and information security solutions. We help people fight for digital freedom. We educate how to detect and remove spyware from PCs. We provide ways to reach information that is otherwise censored. Check it out - https://f-secure.com/freedome. We're blocked in China.

Comment Re:Guy is an idiot. (Score 1) 790

You are confusing freedom with getting away from accountability. Tor being monitored by law enforcement is a very good thing in general. That simply enables them to do their job. Therefore for civilized countries it's definitely helpful.

Unfortunately not everywhere law enforcement is doing just that, catching criminals that is. In many countries they are used to maintain questionably legitimate governments and their established regimes. In those cases Tor and VPN services are the tools of freedom and their lack of transparency helps to spread information that otherwise would've been blocked.

Now think about it, do you as a citizen of a free country think that a) pedofiles, hitmen, large drugs distributors and all credit card thieves should be totally safe doing their business right under noses of law enforcement who you're paying your taxpayer's money while they can't do shit with that encrypted traffic; or b) provide an unreliable communication channel to the rebels or oppressed opposition of some other countries while their government would in the end just block everything by default (hint: China)?

The thing is, HTTPS and VPN are mainly used to protect your privacy and they have been working really well. While Tor is mainly used to avoid accountability.

Comment Re:Could be a different route involved for the VPN (Score 1) 398

You are absolutely right. Sadly, no one listens to arguments like this and choses to ignore these facts in favor of a more news-worthy "Faster via slow VPN [that utilizes Verizon-XO peer link] than directly [via 40Gbit/s Verizon-Level3 peer link]" that deliberately omitted the square-bracketed parts.

Comment Re:Sorry, but L3 is being shady here ... (Score 1) 390

But wait, this "settlement free peering agreement with Verizon that has been in place for many, many years.” tells that the ones who consumes more traffic pays the fees. In other words it goes "your customers want to access the Internet via my network? Sure thing, as long as my customers get equal access to the internet via your network. Once your customers start consuming more - you pay".

Comment But Moonshot is years old (Score 1) 68

But Moonshot servers are a couple years old, with a few success stories from HP itself (www.hp.com is fully moonshot-powered) and others. Yes they are efficient, small and easy to run, but they are also quite less powerful than a "traditional" server. Now all they do is release new "cartridges" for the platform. Are we soon to hear about generation 2.0? Maybe at HP Discover?

Comment From businesses who needed free internet around em (Score 2) 39

Imagine you're a coffee shop and you want to provide free wifi for your customers. Some businesses buy equipment and the internet connection and hire an IT guy to hook it all up together. This all costs.

Now imagine a company like Gowex comes and tells that they could do it all for you, all you need to do is pay them installation and monthly fees. They tell you they are professionals and they will handle everything - from simply configuring and maintaining everything including repairs; to handling all the scary stories they'll tell you about viruses, hackers, police enquires and so on. You, as a business owner will likely accept some 100-200-500 eur monthly fees to not to have to worry about all this IT stuff.

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