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Comment "Fixing" this ruins mileage of these cars (Score 1) 420

This is a nightmare scenario really for VW and anyone else involved in owning/fixing these cars. It's most likely going to cost thousands per car to add the system necessary to clean the NOx gasses out of the exhaust that larger trucks use. And there is a good chance additional modifications will be needed that will likely give a significant hit to fuel mileage. These manufacturers are staring down the barrel of thousands of dollars per car fixes plus class action lawsuits up the wazoo from customers who's cars are suddenly getting double digit worse mileage.

Comment I really like this idea a lot (Score 1) 237

This article made me take a step back and ponder my own kid's current education, as well as how mine went throughout my growing up years. I think they hit the nail on the head about something I had never thought too much about. Personally, I think I'm going to make a point of bringing just how many questions are still out there about various topics I talk about with my kids. It seems so obvious how important that is - and yet information over my entire life has always been presented in a confident and certain manner, in which what we don't know is left out of the discussion.

Comment BSG had it right: Safe Network = No Network (Score 3, Insightful) 85

I have a hard time thinking of anything more obvious than the fact that "smart " are technology security disasters waiting to happen. With the current architecture of the internet and networking from the top down there is nothing truly safe. Especially consumer grade at home tech built with technology plebeians in mind.

Call me old fashioned but I see enough at work and stories online every day to commit to keeping my home, appliances, vehicles, and anything else possible off the internet.

Comment In regard to love (Score 1) 698

My bit of advice is to tell her that when it comes to love and long term partners: When considering marrying someone (or some other form of potentially life long commitment), take a serious moment to consider the possibility of past loves unexpectedly entering your life in the future. Can you answer that if that past love showed up and begged you to return to them, would you consider it seriously? If the answer is yes, don't get married. The current prospect is not a life long match for yourself.

Comment There is such a thing as TOO GOOD of resolution (Score 2) 332

Watching any type of movie, with the exception of real life footage or stylized full CGI moves (not trying to look life like) - such as nature shots, or real world scenes, or Toy Story type movies, look cheap and hokie on ultra high definition formats. Anything computer generated, or a prop, or costume, or makeup is easily noticeable. Anything fake, you can see is fake. Personally I think the 1080p high definition is about the pinnacle of combining a good crisp look with still being able to suspend one's visual cues and pretend they are watching something real.

Comment LED early failure is rather common (Score 2) 602

I'm a huge LED fanboy. I've been buying only LEDs for the last 3-4 years. The early ones especially have not held up. I believe I only have 1 still functioning out of the 4 I bought in my first full room conversion. The newer ones - GE model 100w equivalent I typically get from Sam's Club - have been a lot better. I've only had 1 fail so far out of the 10 I have put into service. In any case, it's not a far fetched claim that a significant percentage of these lights last no where close to as long as they claim they will. A battle hardened customer service call should be able to replace those that fail early.

Comment Wireless Access Points = Hacker Access Points (Score 2) 150

If you are even the slightest bit concerned with the security of data on your network, isolate wireless completely from your secure data. In my very unscientific estimate it seems 90%+ of the usefulness of wireless is for just basic internet access for executive types anyhow who don't need to be checking production data.

Comment You already have the hard part (Score 1) 451

The hard part is getting some basic tech (of any kind) experience under your belt. You have that.

Go get up to date Microsoft certifications, understand the product to a significant degree, and you will be able to find a decent sysadmin job somewhere. Maybe not something above 50k - yet - but you will find something good. Then, once you get more hands on experience with business support scenarios for a few years, you can move on from there to the higher paying world (and higher stress typically lol).

Comment How common are password guesses/brute force anyhow (Score 1) 445

I don't even remember the last time I heard of a large scale data compromise from passwords being either brute forced or guessed. By a massive amount - bordering on 100% - compromises are from backdoors, social engineering, and zero day vulnerabilities that lengthy, encrypted, impossible to remember passwords don't help.

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