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I paid for my MacMini, iPhone 3G, and phone service on my first day in the iTunes AppStore. But, that was in 2009. Now, you really have to have polished software to compete. That doesn't mean you can't make a business out of it; it means you won't likely do it overnight, or without a CS degree and a design team.

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by (#42513021) Attached to: Congressman Introduces Bill To Ban Minting of Trillion-Dollar Coin
Nonsense! The platinum coin is the perfect solution to fractional reserve accounting.

Why don't you face reality. They allocate x amount of money. They charge 3-5% interest on it. And, all the money they allocated has to be paid back. It's a ponzi scheme. It's a ponzi scheme by definition. The debt is not ment to be paid back; it's ment to keep you enslaved.

This is the perfect way to pay them back. It's not a legal loophole.

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As for the Phoenix lights, the second wave have been explained (flares), and the lack of an verifiable explanation for the first wave doesn't mean they were exotic aircraft/spaceships/time-travelling reptilians. Fuck, migratory birds flying in formation cause massive illuminated Vs gliding silently across towns and cities all the time. The human propensity to see structure where there is none quickly extrapolates points of light into solid structures is well-documented, and has not been ruled out at all.

I have no doubt that the additional Phoenix Lights events were flares, and likely hoaxes. In fact, I believe they were productions to cast doubt on the first events. But, suggesting that the first event could be birds is absurd. That does not match the video, many thousand of creditable eyewitness accounts, and coverup. To suggest that migratory birds are not ruled out as an explanation of the Phenoix Lights is to admit ignorance on the topic.

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There's about 55,000 vehicular fatalities every year in the US. Over 40,000 of them do not involve any alcohol. Of the ones that do involve alcohol, the alcohol use is not always a contributing factor.

Drunk drivers are pursued because it's both profitable and politically correct. That's not enough to make it just. A truly just cause is to work to prevent all 55,000 fatalities every year. Systems exist to do this. If the government funded programs for vehicle safety, such as cars that drive themselves, most all auto fatalities would vanish, along with the DUI problem.