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Comment: Re:Is Bill Nye qualified? (Score 4, Interesting) 611

by mikery1 (#45854069) Attached to: Bill Nye To Debate Creationist Museum Founder Ken Ham

Must be a liberal arts school.

. . .

Seriously. BA in a science is a _huge_ red flag. Never hire them. Your school should reconsider, if only to avoid the resume stain effect. It would be like calling all the degrees education degrees. Sure it might make the education degrees a little more valuable, but it would fuck everybody else.

Sorry, but no, your blanket statement about science B.A.'s is just wrong.

I did my bachelors in Physics at Cornell. The only thing that was offered to Physics majors was a B.A., since the Physics department was in the Arts & Sciences college. And yes, I had 6 semesters of math (calculus, linear algebra, vector calculus, complex analysis, etc.) If you don't want to hire me because Cornell gave me an inferior degree, well, your loss.

In reality, the distinction between B.A., and B.S., often has quite a bit to do with how the particular university is organized, and has precious little to do with curriculum.

Comment: Solution: Just ask the Enterprise to go away??? (Score 2) 599

by mikery1 (#36598512) Attached to: The Enterprise Is Wrong, Not Mozilla
From the article:

Corporate users who can't update their browsers because of some persnickety internal application they have to use, but who then go and use that same browser on the public Internet. By unleashing these obsolete browsers on the world at large, these corporate users make the Web worse for everyone. Web developers have to target the lowest common denominator, and the corporations are making that lowest common denominator that much lower.

And the best way to resolve that is to alienate the enterprise even more . . .???

At least at the end of the article, the author discusses having enterprise releases and internal updates. But the kiddies running this show need to realize that the big boy adults (i.e. the enterprise) are going to be the ones that drive the significant majority of sites/work on the web. Just saying, "oh go away I don't want to deal with you" only leads us right back to supporting IE6.

Comment: Berlin already has an incredible one. (Score 3, Informative) 56

by mikery1 (#35684232) Attached to: San Francisco Opening Computer & Video Game Museum

The computerspielemuseum.

It was loads of fun and a total walk down memory lane. It's got a great selection of historical hardware -- Magnavox Odyssey, Intellivsion, early Gameboys, an Apple ][e, Football, etc. (Just seeing new people come in and look to find their earliest game system and smile was worth it by itself.)

Also, they've got some great experimental games, especially the PainStation (how much phyiscal pain will you take to defeat your opponent). The discussion of how they designed Pong was interesting, the wall of old Computer Games (Zork, Leisure Suit Larry, etc.) was fun.

On the Karl-Marx-Allee in the old East Berlin. I spent a couple hours just looking, playing and reminiscing. And almost all of it is in both German and English.

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