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Comment: Re:There might be hope for a decent adaptation (Score 1) 331

by mikeiver1 (#49184033) Attached to: 'The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress' Coming To the Big Screen
Hollywood is incapable of taking what is a truly great story and putting it to the screen in a more or less complete fashion. Reality is that this is the kind of book that would be better split into 2 or even 3 movies. Frankly it would have been far better if they did a mini series on TV instead. With high hopes but low expectations.

Comment: Re:I've got this (Score 2) 400

by mikeiver1 (#49015087) Attached to: An Argument For Not Taking Down Horrific Videos
This is an easy one. You can't remove them, they will just be uploaded again and again. What you can do is simply not watch or otherwise acknowledge their existence at all and in doing so you strip the power and motive as well to make such crap. There will always be those that seek out and enjoy this kind of imagery, they need help. But they are in the small minority. I have not seen any of the beheadings nor the pilot being burned and have managed to miss two girls one cup to boot! I have far better things to watch. Is there not enough killing and filth on the TV and in the movies to satisfy people without seeking out the videos of those stupid and unfortunate enough to go to one of these third world shit holes and get taken by these sick fucks and ultimately killed by them for fun and profit? As the years progress entertainment more and more is tailored to the lowest common denominator, look at all the reality shows. With the exception of maybe four or five the rest are all total shit. We would not remove them though a strong case could be made that they do a great deal of harm to society when the idiots that seek them out and watch later emulate. It all comes back to education, we have shit for schools here in the USofA and turn out some of the dumbest kids now. Smart people don't watch this crap nor do they seek it out. For fucks sake, pick up a god damned book for once!

Comment: Re:So, pass the buck to government ... (Score 1) 214

by mikeiver1 (#49003613) Attached to: Verizon Sells Off Wireline Operations, Blames Net Neutrality Plans
'This uncertainty is not good for investment, and it's not good for jobs here in America.' Really now? How is this not good for American jobs? These assholes can't outsource the infrastructure. They can't outsource the plant, the fibre, the maintenance workers and installers... I fail to see how this is really bad for the consumer at all. Here is the fact. In wireless they are able to sell you small chunks of data at criminally marked up rates where as in wire line and fibre they generally are not able to limit you thanks to the FCC rules and laws. As long as they are basically unregulated in the wireless arena they will stay there and fight to keep it that way. Another thing to keep in mind is that they are going to start to feel the push at their sphincters more and more from Google in major metro markets as they roll fibre. Fact is having 1Gb symmetrical is not really of much use to you or me 99.9999% of the time, it is really just a marketing gimmick. Companies like Google can push into markets like this since they can simply run their lines after buying off the relevant parties in the area of interest. No so with wireless as there is no bandwidth to be bought since only a few of the major wireless companies have all of it bought and payed for. Essentially these are government sanctioned and supported monopolies, just the same as cities with only one broad band provider. This is Verizon management admitting that they can't buy their way out of this and so they are cutting and running. Simply put, a new more forward looking and creative management group will be able to make a go of it. If they invest in the last mile and compete with or better the cable companies in the area at the game they will be very profitable

Comment: Re:let's not beat around the bush (Score 2) 331

by mikeiver1 (#48975953) Attached to: Massive Layoff Underway At IBM
I simply can not believe that yet another major US tech company like IBM would lay off so many employees like this... COUGH COUGH, General Electric, COUGH. In other news they still are off shoring their income to shield it from paltry US taxes they are asked to pay but still enjoy major US tax payer support through subsidies and tax breaks. Irony... Get used to this people, this is only going to be getting worse after the next election when they will have all their people in place and pass laws allowing them to really take advantage of the common hard working person. Hard work, dedication, honesty, and integrity, are not really valued like they should be any more. Sensible, modest, long term growth and stability are being sacrificed in favor of short term profits to satisfy the investors and line the pockets of the top few execs. The one sunny thing about this is that in another twenty years they will be on the auction block to have their patent portfolio sold to pay off creditors.

Comment: Don't think so... (Score 1) 129

by mikeiver1 (#48929529) Attached to: FCC Prohibits Blocking of Personal Wi-Fi Hotspots
Wait, you mean that the FCC actually came down on the side of the consumers and against a very minor special interest? Wow, just WOW! In other news, the FTC and the FCC are likely going to finally allow the acquisition of Time Warner by Comcast in the next few months. For the customers this will be a really great thing since it will allow them to be fleeced more efficiently and have their service issues better ignored. It will also allow the Cable companies to better lobby the FCC and the Congress to pass laws finally and forever end any hopes of net neutrality. This should finally guarantee continued control of commerce, ad dollars, and media revenues etc. by only the largest incumbent and most financially flush companies. Pop those pain pills people and call your petrologist, the ass rape they are about to release on we the average internet user is going to be nothing short of epic!

Comment: Re:Than don't sign the contract (Score 1) 189

by mikeiver1 (#48480421) Attached to: Behind Apple's Sapphire Screen Debacle
Wow, really surprised by this. Am I the only one that knows that Apple pushes their suppliers to the limit to maximize profits? I suspect that GT had hoped to use apple to fund the cost of the fabrication facilities at a break even point and make money selling excess production to third parties. Guess they bet wrong on this one. To bad they are not the first or the last.

Comment: Re:That's not quick? (Score 1) 190

by mikeiver1 (#47743567) Attached to: How Does Tesla Build a Supercharger Charging Site?
You fail to bring up the fact that Tesla and Panasonic are teamed up to build a factory here in the states to produce LiPo batteries (likely cutting edge tech at that) to bring the high cell cost under control. I suspect that this should bring the cost down over the next few years to around a third of the $20,000.00 number you pull out of your ass. This then makes it around $6,000.00 which is the price of an engine in most modern cars of tesla caliber. Convergence of tech also has higher life cycle batteries coming into production in the future and so we can expect that the number of charge cycles the cells are capable of handling will in fact go up. so which dealer or car manufacturer do you really work for and why is it that your company still is not working on a viable competitor to the Tesla?

Comment: Re:That's not quick? (Score 1) 190

by mikeiver1 (#47739797) Attached to: How Does Tesla Build a Supercharger Charging Site?
So, addressing both of the questions this way... First the chargers have a stack of modules built in the charge controller cabinet, 12 in total with 6 per charging station. The 175Amp is the breaker rating for each charge controller with 3/0 copper cable being the size specified. REMEMBER, Each charge controller is capable of charging two cars at once hence the breaker sizing. So the reality of it is that they could pull nearly 100KW in theory charging a pair of cars at the same time. Also remember that there are losses involved as well and these are dissipated by the chargers liquid cooling system. Rei, once you up size the cable to the point that Tesla specifies voltage drop and resistive losses are not an issue. The calculated losses for the longest run which was around 90 feet was only in the 10s of mV at best. The cable feeding each station is a pair of THHN insulated 250MCM copper. In the trade this is good for 241.3A continous load. There is also a 4Ga ground conductor as well as a custom control cable between each station and the controller consisting of a 10Ga ground, 6 conductors, 2 of which are twisted and shielded and the rest has an over all shield as well. Pulling the cables is not really that hard since we keep the turns to a minimum. In fact, code requires it to have less than 270 Degrees of bends. The pipe used is 2" Sch40 PVC, no lube. Only took a couple of guys to pull. All this is from memory 6 months old so... As to the batteries needing cooling, the have it built into the packs themselves. Remember that pulling also generates heat and so requires a robust cooling system to protect them from thermal damage or run away. I will drag out the pics and upload them to photo bucket in a album if I get motivated enough and link it here if anyone is interested.

Comment: Re:That's not quick? (Score 5, Interesting) 190

by mikeiver1 (#47726565) Attached to: How Does Tesla Build a Supercharger Charging Site?
Having just completed a 6 charger installation I can tell you that the digging is the hard part. In our case it was a little over 3 weeks start to finish due to allot of landscaping and blacktop work as well as installing a dedicated half mega Watt transformer complete with piping to the utility service box some 90' under a road that we could not disturb. On the technical side, the prints are fairly detailed and the charging stations and controllers (one charge controller per pair of stations) are well engineered. The insides are modular and have a liquid cooling system for the 12 charge packs. Each charge cabinet is fed with 3 phase, 480VAC at 175Amps. The output of the controller can be as high as 410VDC at 120Amps per charge station. Of course I doubt it ever really gets there. Ultimately, for the electrician, it is a simple install and nothing to technical.

Comment: Now what could go wrong? (Score 5, Interesting) 376

by mikeiver1 (#47699695) Attached to: Rightscorp's New Plan: Hijack Browsers Until Infingers Pay Up
So just how would one handle the issue of not ever having ever downloaded any copyrighted content and still having gotten locked out wrongly? Oh yah, just pay the $20.00 fee and then challenge it later to get reimbursed....SURE! This friends is the business model of the future of entertainment. Grab your ankles and say "thank you sir, may I have another?"

Comment: Verizon letting its copper network rot (Score 1) 93

by mikeiver1 (#47685903) Attached to: Groundwork Laid For Superfast Broadband Over Copper
That would be great if they actually offered Fibre in allot of areas where they only offer copper line service. The fact that they refused to roll out fibre 15 years ago when it became feasible and put the breaks of the monopoly of the cable companies being just about the only credible broadband providers. I call broadband at least 10Mb/sec down. xDSL for the boast part is not really broadband when most of the time you are lucky to get in the range of only 3-4Mb/sec or at best a single HD stream with little to no headroom. NOT BROADBAND! Sad that Google is the one actually rolling true broadband but at the cost of our privacy. AT&T rolled out their hybrid system and it really sucked. Both have milked the consumers best they can with the decrepit copper infrastructure. They now find themselves in real danger of loosing completely the race for the consumers business in areas where they have overlap with one of the cable providers. Cable companies were smart to adopt technologies capable of providing a real and credible broadband service to consumers. I suspect that the horses have now left the proverbial barn and in the next 5 to 10 years we will likely see one or more of the regional bells selling to the cable giants do to a complete lack of ability to compete in any meaningfully profitable way.

Comment: Re:There is no incentive because they PAY for it! (Score 1) 316

by mikeiver1 (#47660419) Attached to: Verizon Throttles Data To "Provide Incentive To Limit Usage"
Well considering that the connection was capable of supporting around 1Mbps and gaming used around 1/10th of that I see little to no issue, that and we gamed from around 9PM to midnight. Also considering that in the prime times of the evening the connection would show signs of throttling due to usage I had no worries about your issue. As mentioned, they had 4G in the area so there was overlap and plenty of bandwidth available for dickheads like you to show your shaved balls pictures to your mom and sister. Assholes like you are the reason that there is such an implied shortage of bandwidth, you and your fucking facebook bullshit and all the petty BS pictures and spam. You should format your drive and put a bullet in your head if you are on a jury and checking your FB account. Have a shit day moron.

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