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Comment Re:Fundamentals (Score 0) 328

Anyone care to bet that this little prick got some very sizable "Donations" from the likes of Seagate, Western digital, EMC, Data direct, Cisco, HP, IBM, Cray, etc... Bought and payed for. And the beat goes on. And by Beat I mean beat down of the civil rights of the worlds populations in general and more pointedly the American people.

Comment Re:Think? (Score 1) 521

The bigger picture here is that the ISP/cable companies are trying anything they can to stem the tide of cable cutters now... Choke off the bandwidth to the point that even SD video starts to look like crap and streaming becomes a bit of a stuttering strain and you got subscribers coming grudgingly back to your shitty, overpriced product and services. At this point the US tax payers have literally payed for the build out of both the telecom and a large part of, if not all of, the cable infrastructures. These companies have grown very rich and powerful over the years and this is simply another way to maintain the grossly excessive profit margins that they enjoy to this day. Next step, metered data. I am actually thinking that politics may be a place I need to explore.

Comment Re:Meanwhile... (Score 1) 302

The content creation does have to be payed for. At present we have been a Netflix subscriber for near 9 years. We also subscribe to Amazon Prime as well for over a year now. We do not however pay for cable TV in any form. We go off air for the local stuff as the quality is far better and I time shift it to remove the commercials. As far as whether Netflix is getting the big numbers they claim or not doesn't matter a bit. What in fact does matter is if they are profitable and continue to offer compelling content to the subscribers. So far they have for our needs. Is their user base expanding, it seems to be. Is the REAL Top Gear crew coming to Netfilx, yes! Are they creating more and more original content, yes. The days of the TV stations and their models being profitable are nearing an end just is it is for the majority of news papers and magazines. If they fail to adapt to the changing tide they will find themselves being bought on the auction block like allot of other giants that dug in and fought rather than adapt.

Comment Re:Dear Mr FBI (Score 1) 347

So what if they succeed in getting the "back doors" be mandated in all hardware routers and devices. There will simply be a software encryption done on the data before it is sent to/out of the devices in the first place. To think that they can put the encryption genie back in the bottle at this stage is a pure waste of time, money, and effort and will effect nothing. This is just plain stupid and shows just how out of touch with the reality of the situation out politicians and leaders really are

Comment Any country interested in nuc power... (Score 1) 134

Any up and coming country that is honestly interested in nuclear power as a way to shed commitment to fossil fuels would be researching Thorium based reactors instead. But this removes the path to fissionable materials used to make bombs... Kinda make their statements rather questionable at the least.

Comment Re:Who needed help here? (Score 1) 503

Had a customer that called and had me come do an evaluation of her home for supplemental grounding etc. She explained to me that she was sensitive to electro magnet energy and the signals from WiFi, and cellphones caused her no end of trouble including seizures. I get there and she is under nourished from the looks of it. She pulls out her china special EM meter and tells me that she measures "energy" on the PEX water pipes as well as the ground. I advised her about the dubious accuracy of such devices and took measurements with my test tools to show that there was in fact a number of valid grounding conductors. Towards the end of the walk/talk/test, around 2 hours, I asked her how she was feeling? She told me that she felt great. I then pulled out my cell phone that I had in my pocket and showed her that it had been on the whole time. I explained that the area was a black hole for radio signals and that all cell phones would ramp up their power to get to the towers. I did a WiFi audit as well and found that at least 5 different routers were in range. My aim was not to mock but educate her in the hopes that she would focus on things other than imagined illnesses from phantom sources. I may be optimistic but I think a little of it maybe got through to her... Who knows with crazy people though. They will act counter to logic nearly every time.

Comment Re:Build one (Score 1) 325

Agree with Zoolook. Not really a fan of the Alien ware rigs, over priced for the hardware. As others point out it is also likely to be a bit more expensive to roll our own rig. That said and understood, you control the quality and the build. I just built a new computer to replace the one I built near ten years ago. I used the best in class parts at the time including a server mother board and processors, reg ecc memory, and water cooled dual video cards, processors, and chipset. The entire build cost me just under $4,000.00 in total. This sounds expensive until you remember that I used it without issue for just under TEN years. My latest rig is also water cooled and with all parts, not bleeding edge but just under it I am in for around $3600 USD. I have a 4K, 40" monitor and can push world of tanks at 4K with everything cranked at 60FPS from a single GTX980SC card. I have the option of a second card to extend the usable life of the box. Another option that can be had for reasonable is the likes of an HP Z800 work station used. These usually can be gotten used off lease for less than a few hundred dollars, come with at least 8-16GB of RAM, have an LSI SAS/SATA RAID controller on board, are modular and tooless. I got one off Ebay for less than $510 with dual Quad core 2.4GHz Zeons, 96GB of RAM, two 1TB 7200RPM drives, a Quadro 2000 video card and a windows 7 pro 64bit key. Threw in a GTX960 card and it is a great work and gaming computer for under $750 USD. Throw in the fastest pair of Zeons 3.6GHz the thing will take for another $150 and swap out the 850Watt PS for the 1100W unit and you are still under $1200 for a rocking rig that will likely keep up with most desktop machines for at least the next 5-7 years.

Comment Re:Perfect for Hotels! (Score 4, Interesting) 173

Not worried at all. The cell sites are generally very poorly protected and monitored leaving them open to attack. Piss enough users off and you are bound to get more than a few that are willing to "free up spectrum" from the hijackers that run the cellular companies. These assholes have already managed to grab nearly half of the old UHF TV spectrum after the next auction to verizon and at&t is completed. I suspect that it will only be a matter of time before the cellular companies are able to get the FCC to relegate WiFi to secondary use status behind their own services. In this though they may have a fight on their hands from the cable companies like Time Warner and others that use the installed cable/WiFi routers of their customers to extend their "free" WiFi services to their customer base. Speaking of which, we are aware that cable companies not only charge us to rent their cable routers with WiFi but then turn around and open a WiFi link to service their customers and make you pay for the power to run the service to boot?

Comment Re:Translated (Score 1) 451

Really? To bad it has to come to this. The reality is that this is being driven by the fucking assholes being distracted by the driving from their all important texting. The car should punch the assholes in the face every time is has to save them and the innocent other driver/s from an accident. I drive allot and dodge at least a couple of idiots a month while they are busy texting.

Comment Re:Not T-Mobile (Score 1) 142

Really the two options are Verizon and AT&T. Verizon generally seems to have the better coverage and is a bit more reliable. AT&T by far has the faster network if you are looking to move data. Both are stupid expensive for what they provide which is very little to be honest. To the best of my knowledge there really is no option from any of the carriers here that doesn't include a hefty serving of ass rape.

Comment Hate to say this but... (Score 1) 106

Likely this is true until the trackers built into the base go tits up. There were a number of these systems in the California desert in the 80s, don't hear about them any do we? To complicated and maintenance intensive to be practical and ultimately damages the reputation of solar. Simple high efficiency solar panels are most likely to disrupt the present power generation monopolies and allow us a bit more freedom from the handful of those that literally have the power in their hands. Consider this, where is the greatest growth in power generation happening throughout Europe and America, It ain't heliostats!

Comment Re:Happily married? (Score 1) 286

Really? Temptation is when you randomly connect with someone at say a store and feel an attraction to them that you may or may not resist. In the case of these assholes we have a group of generally deceitful individuals that not only actively signed up for and payed for the service but chose to seek out the very temptation. I feel no sorrow for those caught by this, only for the manner in which their partners are likely to be finding out about the shitty person they have been living with. Let us also keep in mind that there are medical consequences to cheating too. How many innocent partners have found their lives turned upside down permanently by an unfaithful partners transmission of an STD for which there is no cure. I will not get into the tearing up of the family and the hurt to the children at having to go through this. I suspect that a number of your a on that list, not hard to pick you out though.

Comment Re:Manufacturing buisness supported by government. (Score 1) 356

Just like the telephone companies, the cable companies, the big oil companies, and the military industrial complex etc... Need I continue? Business as usual, move along, nothing to see here. In other news, taxes are going to be going up. Oh, sorry, meant to say that the middle classes taxes are going to be going up. Wealthy corporations and the 1% who offshore profits are going to be paying less.

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