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Comment What he should have done ... (Score 5, Interesting) 399

was politely decline to give passwords without a warrant. Then, if he was not released in a timely manner, make life as difficult as possible for the bureaucrats in question. And if his devices are not returned in a timely manner, make life even more difficult for them. There are devious and not so devious ways to do this, and mostly it isn't difficult. Bureaucrats rely on cooperation from the sheep, and the sheep need to stop being cooperative.

Comment I don't understand (Score 1) 176

all this constant hand wringing about diversity and lack of minorities, etc., etc., ad nauseam, in IT. We should be concerned about (1) getting the brightest AMERICAN CITIZENS (regardless of sex, age, ethnicity, etc., into IT jobs, and (2) keeping the H1B visa quota as low as possible (India et. al. need skilled people working in their home countries not over here). Further, in my day (I'm 68 years of age) the women in IT where I worked outnumbered the men. And most of them were brighter and better than the men. And as I was usually on the interview committees for hiring, the female candidates were usually better qualified and motivated than the males, as so got hired. What happened???

Comment The secret service is a government bureaucracy (Score 1) 169

As such it will not be all that effective at its assigned task. Just as no other government bureaucracy is effective at ITS assigned task. And just because there's been no attempts on POTUS' life does not mean no one has been trying ... Secondly, a truly serious individual or group attempting to kill the president will NOT be using the internet for communications in connection therewith. Amateur individuals and groups will, of course, use whatever means is convenient, including the internet.

Comment Let us consider for a moment (Score 1) 546

If Russia and China had actually cracked the encryption around Snowden's files, would the Brits be publicising it to the world? I don't think so. The Brits would not want to let the Russians/Chinese to know they (the Brits) know. And once Snowden's exploits were known to the Brits (several years ago), why would the Brits not have taken precautionary measures to prevent problems like this from occuring, unless the Brits are just exceedingly stupid (which I doubt). How can we verify the truth, or lack thereof, of this report? I doubt we can, short of having our own agents inside MI6. Why would the Russians/Chinese give the first hint of a sniff of a clue that they have decrypted these files? I don't think they would, as it would be beyond stupid to do so. Let the Brits keep their agents in place and feed them bad info. This whole thing smells quite fishy to me.

Comment Are women being excluded from CS courses? (Score 1) 288

So far as I know, women can take CS courses if they so desire. They are not restrained or prevented from so doing. Similarly, men can enroll in nursing courses/degree programs, but not many do. So, perhaps we need an equal amount of money to be spent to convince men to become nurses?

Comment What rubbish! (Score 0) 221

Coding is not a superpower, as simple coding can be taught to any moron who can think semi-logically. Ask the average teenage coder to write a program to run a bank of elevators efficiently, or solve the youngest uncle problem, or solve the shortest distance problem. Or ask the average teenage coder to explain how i/o systems work. I'm betting the average "coder" has no clue about any of these things.

Comment The NSA guy should have known better (Score 1) 224

If you're going to be a whistleblower, do it anonymously. Very anonymously. And be sure you have your facts straight and that they cannot be disputed or disproved. And be very sure that you have a nice cache of damning documents very securely stashed that can be released to the press should your employer attempt retaliation.

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