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Comment: Re:Different from PhoneGap? (Score 1) 37

by mikehenrty (#42975513) Attached to: Game Closure "DevKit" For Mobile HTML5 Games Is Open Source
PhoneGap works by wrapping a WebView in a native application. So for all tense and purposes, when you run a PhoneGap app you are actually just looking at a webpage (with API access to hardware features) thats framed inside your application. The problem with this when it comes to games is that the HTML5 Canvas API has extremely poor performance in the mobile browsers, and so Canvas based games will not run well in a PhoneGap app. The GC DevKit, on the other hand, specifically targets the CanvasAPI. Instead of running the game code (javascript) in a WebView or mobile browser page, it has it's own JS runtime, and forwards the Canvas API calls directly to the GPU (using OpenGL). That is why it is able to get the kind of performance you see in the video.

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