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by mikeabbott420 (#45865169) Attached to: Hacker Barnaby Jack Died of Drug Overdose
Legal drugs aren't made in jungles or unsanitary conditions regardless of any intoxicating property. This is actually one of the arguments for legalizing recreational drugs, e.g. people buying weed in Colorado are far less likely to buy weed that has been sprayed with toxic chemicals like pesticides.

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by mikeabbott420 (#45797307) Attached to: Ford Rolls the Dice With Breakthrough F-150 Aluminum Pickup Truck
back in the early 80's I worked at U-Haul and we had hitches that strapped on to car bumpers, the trailer lights were handled by attaching wires to the car's rear lights.

Today's cars are better in many ways but they don't have bumpers you can pull a trailer with.

The econobox type cars I use for commuting now can't pull trailers at all.

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In Canada mortgage interest isn't tax deductible so there is more incentive to pay down the principle. It isn't buying homes from cash on hand but it is a little different from the American environment.

If I was an American I might still have a mortgage because it would have made relatively more sense to invest money other ways than it would to pay down my mortgage.

As a Canadian paying down my mortgage had a relatively low ROI but it was risk free and I wasn't giving up any tax exemptions. Canada doesn't allow people to walk away from mortgages and only lose the house either, so that part of the risk equation is different.

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