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Comment: Re:Online blackouts (Score 1) 214

by mikeabbott420 (#49516947) Attached to: Netflix Is Betting On Exclusive Programming
I can't imagine watching news when I can read so much faster and from so many more sources. Live sports are my kryptonite, even with NFL gamepass there are blackouts where I wouldn't be able to watch until the games were over.
If I could just cheer for Minnesota instead of the Pats, that would solve the prime time game problem ;)

Comment: Re:People with makeup and dyed hair aren't logical (Score 4, Informative) 590

the breathing reflex is based on CO2 . Breathing pure nitrogen would reduce CO2 so as to satisfy that mechanism , but not providing the O2 survival requires. O2 in the blood is used up quickly, that is why we need to breathe constantly.

Comment: Re:deflate gate (Score 1) 76

by mikeabbott420 (#49496741) Attached to: StarTalk TV Show With Neil DeGrasse Tyson Starts Monday
We are still waiting on the NFL to reveal any official data but the last story out was that only one ball, the one the Colts had possession of, was significantly under inflated. This is another problem, beyond rushing your work, in dealing with topical, controversial subjects. You may not be working with good data. Another aspect is that when you seek attention by combing those mistakes to disparage peoples reputation you end up permanently damaging your own reputation. I'll certainly remember this incident whenever Tyson is mentioned.

Comment: Re:More of this (Score 1) 166

by mikeabbott420 (#49142327) Attached to: Microsoft's Goals For Their New Web Rendering Engine
I think this is because in the olden days having CRLF meant being able to dump a raw text file to a printing device. Unix had a tty driver that could handle adding the missing CR. CP/M and DOS didn't have any such thing. That doesn't mean I haven't spent 20+ years being annoyed by CRLF though.

Comment: Does this mean genetic testing can daignose it? (Score 1, Flamebait) 222

by mikeabbott420 (#47915345) Attached to: Schizophrenia Is Not a Single Disease
It might be very valuable for treatment if the condition didn't come as a mystery and a surprise. It also raises the question of testing in the early stages of fetal development and abortion being used by "carrier" couples to select for lower risk children. I honestly have no idea of what the ethical choices are there but I would lean towards multiple tries if it meant bringing a child to term that doesn't have such a high probability of suffering in its future.

Comment: Re:yet if we did it (Score 1) 463

we're generally more willing to believe a tragedy was accidental and not the result of systemic problems between the police and a particular community when it was accidental and not the result of systemic problems between the police and a particular community.

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