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Comment Re:To be more precise, Amazon will collect on taxe (Score 2) 243

Again, my point is disagreeing with the premise that taxes on profits will simply be passed on to consumers as if businesses weren't already charging what they believe is an optimal price for making profits.
If a business could deal with a 10% increase in tax by raising prices to make higher profits than why are those prices not already being charged and those higher profits already being made?
It is a nice bumper sticker that "companies don't pay taxes they collect them" and like so much of bumper sticker level understanding it is applicable sometimes. But it is still just a bumper sticker and not a universal truth.

Comment Re:To be more precise, Amazon will collect on taxe (Score 1) 243

ridiculous levels only cause profits to be hidden and eliminate the incentives to produce them. 99% is insane. even an excessive rate like 50% leaves a reason for a business to exist. businesses can also lose money, your ridiculous 99% rate means there is a much higher chance of losing money than gaining it even for a solid business.

Comment Re:To be more precise, Amazon will collect on taxe (Score 1) 243

You maximize profit. the amount of tax you pay on profit is irrelevant to the process of maximizing it. Taxes on inputs or sales can affect prices because they also affect your competitions pricing power. Taxes on profits might encourage more re-investment of profits but they don't affect prices unless, for some inexplicable reason, you have decided to make less money that you could.

Comment Re:To be more precise, Amazon will collect on taxe (Score 1) 243

Taxes on profits are different than taxes on products, You are certainly correct that something like a gasoline tax is passed on to the consumer because gasoline is a commodity where every supplier has the same tax cost. Apple can't just set iPhone prices higher if they lose profits to taxes, because a business should already be charging optimal prices for generating profit.

Comment Re:Does it actually matter (Score 3, Insightful) 121

We're building a deep international surveillance state combined with growing capabilities in machine learning and pattern recognition. I expect the laws we ignore today will be enforced internationally, effectively and draconianly as part of "trade" agreements with a side helping of "Terrorism!" and Who will think of the children!" in the future. I don't know what will happen but I expect ownership of copyrights will be even more valuable in the future.

It's far fetched, but possible to imagine a future as extreme as one where a combination of listening to a song in public, facial and other recognition. persistent public tracking and law enforcement linking to corporate databases might get you sanctioned for listening to a song you aren't paying a fee for.

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