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Comment: 1st Ammendment. (Score 0) 346

by mike518 (#18050622) Attached to: FCC Report - TV Violence Should be Regulated
Its not infringing on others rights and its not a national security problem... therefore why should any of it be regulated? Why should anyone decide what is appropriate for kids except for the legal parents and guardians? I mean im all for giving the PARENTS more ability to disable certain programming-- but having the government mandate what is okay for everyone? I know of lots of governments that were famous for these kind of steps in the past (though they were more extreme)-- still i dont believe they were called democracies. Im sorry, freedom of speech should not be an option when it comes to media and public airwaves. I happen to be in a leadership position at a radio station, and i have to say the FCC is just an unnecessary pain in the ass and an infringement on our constitutional rights. Its the very 1st ammendment for a reason.

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