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Comment: Re:Windows versions affected (Score 1) 154

by mikazo (#43433465) Attached to: Microsoft Telling Users To Uninstall Bad Patch
You'd be surprised to find that some old code from 16-bit Windows is still kicking around in Windows 8... things just get ported to the next OS so that they work. Code is only re-written or developed from scratch if it's for new features or the old code was so broken or impossible to port that it had to be re-written.

Comment: Not News (Score 2) 202

by mikazo (#36886038) Attached to: The Rise of Polymorphic Malware
Polymorphic and metamorphic malware has been around for years. They're probably seeing a rise in detections simply because of the popularity of a certain malware generation tool or something. You can read about polymorphic and metamorphic malware in a book written by a guy from Symantec that was published in 2005: http://www.amazon.com/Art-Computer-Virus-Research-Defense/dp/0321304543

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