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Comment: Re:Obvious Missing - GOLD (Score 1) 868

by mick232 (#34975214) Attached to: I'd rather my paycheck be denominated in ...
Please read again most postings in this thread (including yours). You'll quickly recognize that they contain several times the word "inflation" but zero times the word "depreciation rate". I'm perfectly capable of understanding the difference of x and 1/x. If there ever was confusion, as you say, then it's attributable to your imprecise wording. You use the word "change" and somehow assume that readers anticipate what you actually mean by that.

Comment: Embarrassing Kinect demo on German TV show (Score 3, Funny) 130

by mick232 (#33827804) Attached to: The Inside Story of Microsoft's 'Project Natal'
Yesterday I watched a TV show on German TV in which they used the Kinect system. It was broadcast on a major channel watched by millions. Two players had to play against each other in a quite unspectacular game. It was embarrassing, both due to the boring gameplay and the technical weaknesses of the system. During the first game, suddenly the split-screen switched to a single screen such that only one player could see his avatar. Nobody knew why and the TV show host quickly reacted and said "well, now you had a training run". After the second run one of the players complained that his moves were not recognized at all. He kept jumping all the time but the cameras obviously did not capture these jumps.

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