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Comment Re:ISP provided modem (Score 1) 76

I don't have VoIP service through my ISP -- I just used them as an example as why someone might not be able to provide their own DOCSIS device.

For my phone needs, I have Google Voice (this number is given to people I don't know / companies I don't fully trust) and my cell phone (a handful of friends and my family have this number). :)

Get a magicJack GO for your phone.
$35 a year, and you just plug it in your phone jack and network jack. As a bonus, you can ring your smartphone at the same time.
I love mine.

Comment Careful with the "black fraud day". (Score 1) 146

Here's an example of how deceiving those ads can be. Best Buy will have a 128GB flash drive for $19.99, discounted from the regular price of $99.99. Great deal, huh? Not really, as Amazon has the same drive right now for $32.44, and the list price is $52.99. Meaning, Best Buy had marked up their price to make the discount look much better than it actually is.

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