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Comment Re:Other bugs (Score 1) 410

Mobile has killed the idea of fallowing open standards and you need separate apps for every network so you can talk to everyone Skype, face book messenger, google hangouts/voice/chat/mail/talk, snap-chat, whatsapp, ... when previously I could just use pidgin and talk to everyone.

I solved this issue by refusing to 'chat' with anyone I can't reach outside of Hangouts, via either SMS or actual Hangouts messages. If someone in my already smallish circle of friends / family / acquaintances doesn't want to accommodate, then I don't need to talk to them outside of face-to-face conversations...

That said, I do prefer Hangouts messages, since they work regardless of whether I'm on cellular data or some sort of WiFi connection.

Comment Re:Kodi (Score 1) 89

Because i dont like be tied to any one tech or company. I store older movies in a streaming setup on Plex on a single server feeding all clients, all 'new release' movies are stored locally on each device delivered via sneakernet. I keep a rolling set of new releases sized to a storage medium available for a good price. Right now im up to a 64 GB ($20) set of new releases. New releases fall off of sneakernet and into Plex after a year or two

I fail to see the benefit of what you're doing, especially if all of the media are in common / non-DRMed formats, especially keepin 64GB worth of 'new stuff' locally. It's especially confusing since Plex can "sync" whatever media you select to your local clients (for offline viewing). Am I missing something?

Comment Re:Kodi (Score 1) 89

uhhh no.Plex is what Kodi would look like if they went for monetization. I like Plex, i have a lifetime sub, but at some point they will go over the evil wall and thats why its great Kodi is there. I use both extensively. Plex for remote stuff, Kodi for local.

Why not one for both uses?

Comment Re:Emby is vastly better. (Score 1) 89

Are you using your imac as a personal machine as well as a PMS server? Wifi or wired? My DEDICATED Plex server on wired gigabit works flawlessly. Set it up as a proper server, not just another service on your personal workstation if you want the best results. Workstations have a ridiculous amount of cruft for the user that can break server applications. Its fine if Plex doesnt work for you, but calling it crap based on your limited experience is wrong.

I actually have PMS / sabnzbd / sonarr installed in a WHS2011 VM on my HP Z800. Works perfectly with my HP Stream Mini 200-010 and my Nexus Player. I've even used that VM to watch my movies / TV shows remotely while in hotels (using my Verizon work phone as a mobile hotspot) with zero issues. :D

Comment Re:Emby is vastly better. (Score 1) 89

Plex is a horrible interface. I have it running on my Amazon Firestick as a cleint and an imac as a server. The two constantly fail to find each other. I always end up restarting it on mac and rebooting the fire stick a couple of time before the content appears on the other. I used it as a way to show DVDs on my firestick. But it stinks. Now I use Emby media browser and it works like a charm every time. Emby is also free besides working better.

I can't speak to your PMS iMac server, but the Amazon FireTV stick *sucks* for Plex. I have both an HP Stream Mini 200-010 and a Nexus Player -- both are *far* better for Plex than the FireTV stick...

Comment Re:Compustick (Score 1) 158

Frankly, given the (rather depressing) answers here, I'm thinking the best option is me buying a laptop. I use WiFi to copy data between it and my PC, plug the keyboard/mouse into it on my coffee table, and use one of the various wireless audio/video options for casting the laptop to the TV.

If you do go the laptop route, and you have data you'd want / need to work on from either system, why not store that data on a NAS instead of moving it around?

Comment Re: Yes I'm old.. (Score 2) 267

Sure, for a basic data disc. It's not much harder with good ol' Xcdroast.

What does Windows explorer do if you drag music files onto it. Do you get an audio CD? (honestly I'm asking cause I don't know) If so, what formats, does it handle ogg?

Now lets see you drag a bunch of video files into explorer(it's family stuff you recorded with your cellphone right? surely i'm not talking about piracy here) Do you get something that you can pop into your DVD player and have a reasonable expectation that it will actually play?

Mixed mode discs? Finalized or un-finalized RWs?

My point is that there is a lot more to a decent burner program than just dragging some files onto a disc.

Dragging files to your burner in explorer will give you a data disk. I haven't tried this in 8/8.1/10, but I assume it'd behave the same way. What you *can* do, however, is add those music files to a playlist in WMP -- it will allow you to burn a normal audio disc.

Comment Re:Recycle and bioplastics (Score 1) 98

Take your used motor oil and batteries (I'm assuming you're speaking of the automotive type) to your local auto-parts store. They will accept both (and, in the case of batteries, quote you a price for the new battery that includes you returning the old one). Oil collections are free, not sure about batteries, though I suspect it'd be free since they'd make cash selling back the lead.

Comment Re:freedumb isn't free (Score 1) 328

Let's see, in the past year I've had... 2 dead CFLs (1 year old), four dead LED bulbs (flickering, globe failures, etc). Don't try to tell me my TCO is a win. No doubt you'll assert I'm "holding it wrong" or some other retarded result of your confirmation bias.

I'm curious as to what type of fixture you had these these were installed. It's unfortunately not common-knowledge enough, but they aren't meant for enclosed fixtures (and the boxes / packaging *does* state this). I didn't know this until my bathroom fixture kept killing CFL's, and then an LED. I finally read the package of the LED and noticed the "no enclosed fixtures" warning.

In my case, I swapped out the fixture for one that looked nearly the same, but was open at the top (the glass shade hung down about an inch, or so, from its base) and haven't had an issue since.

Comment Re:Yes, I agree (Score 2) 564

The condescending My Docs, My Music, et al should also go.

WHY?! This actually teaches / encourages people to store their documents / pictures / music in *one spot*, which makes things much more simple to back up. Granted, not every user actually uses these folders for their intended purposes (I recall backing up a ~120GB "My Documents" folder becuase the user threw *all* files, picutres / music / videos / documents into it, with *no* sub-folders to sort everything, for example)...

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