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Comment Sort, Quicksort, Heapsort (Score 1) 1067

multiplication is a more complex addition...division, i'm told by the internet, is a more complex form of subtraction. we subtract the divisor from the dividend and continue until we reach a point that no whole divisors appear, and that is our remainder. personally, I kinda find this moronic. at divide by 0, you subtract zero from the dividend, and get an answer...a unity...the same number split into 0 pieces. The undefined in the computer (so says teh intertubes) is that this complicated subtraction is continued ad infinitum until exception and halting...for undefined. i also believe that the type of zero you are talking about is VERY important, as like infinity, zero is not a number but a concept...and given humanity's provincial "never being wrong" attitude...i ask this...could there be more than one type of zero? In Newtonian gravity, divide by zero when the distance between two objects becomes zero results in "undefined". Personally, i look at this event in my head and realize that if the two objects are 0 distance apart, you could easily (depending on composition and actual mass) you would no longer have two distance between centers of mass, since you only now have one mass. This zero specifically refers to the distance between two bodies of mass moving towards each other...wouldn't the equation change once there is only one body, no distance to travel...just a unified single object possibly in motion? so this is going to get a little into sort, quicksort, and heapsort arguement. what kind of divisions would result in actual numbers, should we simply change how we divide? how about removing single units into a number of piles equal to the divisor and the remainder is still the same? In this scenario though, it would seem to give a real answer though, instead of getting stuck in a loop because we programmed everything to 'kernel panic' and can't decide when to stop subtracting nothing...dividing into no division when 0 in the denominator. So if it's a 0 of a distance, would indicate no distance...if it's a zero of a charge, would indicate no charge...if it's a zero of mass, it would indicate no mass... *shrugs*

Comment Re:One word: Cloud (Score 1) 246

I would agree with you, but what we have here is an opportunity to demonstrate our upstanding character to our peers by venting self-righteousness against someone of lesser moral virtue. Before you know it, we'll be arguing over which method of execution is most appropriate, and whether the boy's family ought to be punished as well. No punishment will be quite harsh enough to quench our indignation over what this evil, horrible boy has done. We're an angry mob, and we want everyone to see it because we imagine that it makes us look virtuous. It's the American Way.

I don't think that I could have said this any better myself...

Comment Re:Sounds good (Score 1) 599

I see where the confusion is...and why your descriptions for each seem so similar. What you experienced though i think had little to do with the idea of social ownership and cooperative engagement. That is what i hear when i hear socialism...cooperative, not collective. While i don't deny your charges against the USA being any seems that you are using experience of a socialist state as your definition of socialism...when in fact most 'socialist states' in practice have little to do with the idea of social ownership with the peoples involvement in the market and economy...rather state ownership and nationalized propaganda...which is as you state...pretty fascist. I hope you can see now, where i chuckle every time someone throws those two ideas out as the same thing since it seems that they are opposites to me, and are very different in practice

Comment Re:Sounds good (Score 1) 599

why don't you go read the actual definitions for both, and then tell me the difference between the can find the answers in the first paragraphs of each wikipedia page on socialism and fascism. your use of "socialism" as an invective, as well as "as far as im concerned" removes most of the credibility that's left by your use of all of those other scripted propaganda points which thankfully identify people who are not worth arguing with. :D

Comment Re:Neet toys and all (Score 1) 328

The point i was making is that graphics design most assuredly needs a mouse for precision and coding absolutely needs a keyboard...and when you add those two things to a tablet, you get a laptop...have you also noticed how we are making stands and keyboards for them now as well as 'mouse/pens'? So now they are just less functional versions of what we already had...many trapping you behind a paywall and a UI that leaves a lot of people frustrated...

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