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Re:Can /. scientists translate rad level?  *Saturday March 06, 2004 @10:32AM  2
   attached to Chernobyl...18 Years Later
Re:My poll, no credit, how does this work?  *Friday January 09, 2004 @02:11PM  5, Insightful
   attached to Poll: Plans for your 2003 Taxes?
Re:They don't know if Beagle 2 landed  *Thursday December 25, 2003 @10:27AM 5 5, Funny
   attached to Beagle 2 Probe Lands; No Signal Received Yet
Re:Curtail use of your SSN  *Friday December 19, 2003 @09:37PM 3 5, Informative
   attached to Dumpster-Diving for Your Identity
Re:option definitions  *Thursday October 23, 2003 @03:04PM 5 4, Informative
   attached to Poll: Preferred Tyrannical Overlord?
Re:This is really difficult...  *Friday October 17, 2003 @04:59PM 2 2
   attached to Software Error Causes Crisis in Mississippi
Re:Search for Dupe  *Friday October 03, 2003 @04:56PM 2 1
   attached to Journal Discussion: Meta-JE
Re:Pounds?  *Tuesday September 09, 2003 @10:17AM 3 1
   attached to Poll: How Massive is Your Computer?
Slashdot Sucks!  *Monday August 11, 2003 @05:37PM 2 1
   attached to Journal Discussion: Unsubscribe slashdot
DUPE!  *Friday August 01, 2003 @08:03AM 33 5, Interesting
   attached to Poll: What email client do you use most often?
Re:Well, they can....  *Friday July 18, 2003 @12:09PM 9 1, Flamebait
   attached to Military DNA Registry Used in Criminal Case
Re:IANAL...  *Thursday June 12, 2003 @11:09AM 1 1
Re:"What the market will bear."  *Thursday June 12, 2003 @10:57AM  3, Interesting
   attached to Red Hat License Challenged
Re:Actually, 911 isn't just for emergencies  *Tuesday May 20, 2003 @06:58PM  1
   attached to Have You Seen This Segway?
Re:Actually they aren't using GPS at all  *Wednesday April 30, 2003 @08:00AM 1 5, Informative
   attached to Using GPS to Hail Cabs
Re:I would hardly celebrate...  *Friday April 25, 2003 @02:41PM 2 3, Informative
   attached to RIAA, MPAA Lose Suit Against Streamcast and Grokster
Re:My Active Michigan Lawsuit  *Wednesday March 19, 2003 @02:16PM 1 2
   attached to CDT Releases New Report on Origins of Spam
Re:That's an Anti-Armor/Tank rocket launcher  *Friday January 31, 2003 @04:16PM 1 3, Informative
   attached to Battlefield Medkits Improve
Re:Slashdot Challenge 2003  *Wednesday January 15, 2003 @04:22PM 1 2
   attached to Disney Wins, Eldred (and everyone else) Loses
"Trusted" computer  *Monday January 13, 2003 @12:09PM 10 5, Insightful
   attached to Discuss BIOS and Palladium Issues With an AMIBIOS Rep
As a comparison...  *Tuesday December 03, 2002 @03:28PM 5 1, Offtopic
   attached to Actual Costs for the Space Station
Re:This sounds much like an advertisement...  *Sunday November 17, 2002 @05:56PM  3, Insightful
   attached to Step 2, Groceries
Re:Contract code  *Wednesday October 23, 2002 @12:05PM  2
Re:Exactly  *Wednesday October 23, 2002 @09:59AM 4 2, Informative
   attached to Congress Members Oppose GPL for Government Research

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