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Comment: I have to agree... (Score 1) 540 540

I think the OP is right...as these IR's need to also be judged on what changes happen AROUND them as well. The big thing about railroads wasn't that "trains are neat", it was the westward expansion, decrease in travel time between great distances, etc.. Now that makind is used to being connected in whatever fashion they choose, real changes will start occuring with the digital age at the core. Large areas of "older" technologies are being wisked away pretty rapidly by new stuff...anyone care if they miss their shows on TV anymore? Nope, if I didn't save it on my DVR I can still go find it on Hulu/Netflix or somesuch any way. As cars get better at driving themselves and IBM's Watson continues to mature beyond stomping on the Jeopardy champion, things should get quite interesting!

Comment: Isn't one part of the other though? (Score 1) 783 783

I would say that creationism/religion is PART of humakinds evolution, no? One could very well make a case for teaching that creationism is part of humans evolving much like "mythologies" of other time periods...but that would cause a stir as well, since then people would say that today's religions are being taught to be "myths" when they are "the truth"....what's that saying about the empty can rattling the loudest? Lol...

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