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Comment: Re:This perspective is totally skewed (Score 1) 1086

by mgoodman (#14935466) Attached to: Financial Responsibility == Terrorism?
Don't get me wrong -- I don't mean to offend. And yes, this is a highly polar issue, even outside of Slashdot.

However, I simply don't agree that because the government has the right to watch you that you somehow have less freedom because of it. I can still do everything that I would normally do.

On the other hand, perhaps the government should figure out how to adequately deal with the information that is has before it seeks to acquire more. I truly believe that government has the right to most information of that nature. And I truly believe that there are those who would do horrible things with the information. However, I also believe there are ways to negate or mitigate the effects of those people. So, before the government seeks to acquire more data, it needs to put better controls into place...

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