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Comment: Re:Sickening, (Score 1) 177

by mgblst (#39401459) Attached to: Australian Govt Censors Notes From Secret Anti-Piracy Talks

As an Aussie, I wish what you said is true, but it is not. You are ignoring the recent small elections, where there was a huge shift to the Libs. You are kidding if you think Labor will stay in, despite Abbott being a complete loser and religious zealot.

There are plenty of people who want an election called, the opposition, and the opposition supporters. The opposition and their supporters ALWAYS want an election called, since they can only lose again, and might win. It is very ignorant to ever pretend otherwise.

I am guessing you do not seem to hang around conservatives at all. I wish it was wrong, but Labor are going to lose, and you are lying or deluded.

Comment: Re:Joking about this is the height of stupidity. (Score 1) 709

by mgblst (#38875605) Attached to: DHS Sends Tourists Home Over Twitter Jokes

You are right, the next time a terrorist jokes about blowing up a plane, is ignored, and does actually blow up a plane, the press will have a lot of fun in the field.

And you should never, ever, joke around. You are just going to make the DHS people feel like morons when you jokes are anything more intelligent than appears on Big Bang Theory.

Comment: Re:Eric Schmidt, master of non-answers (Score 1) 431

by mgblst (#38684260) Attached to: Eric Schmidt Doesn't Think Android Is Fragmented

Do you happen to know why?

I am an android and iphone developer, so I have to have an android device. I have been stuck using a nexus one for the last 2 months, I can not wait to get a iphone again. It is a lot better than having no phone, or a non-smartphone, but a lot of stuff does suck. The maps is supposed to be better, since it doesn't use tiles, and allows caching, but I have had loads of problems with it. It often won't display the pre-cached data, the GPS is awful, slow, but generally correct when it does work. It forgets maps that I looks at 30 seconds ago. Have to zoom in and out to get it to redraw.

Comment: Re:Well, they're a good indicator of intelligence (Score 1) 672

by mgblst (#38620160) Attached to: Are Brain Teasers Good Hiring Criteria?

The problem is, everybody can hate on a type of question, but will never mention what questions they would like.

It is always easier to criticize, than to come up with a useful alternative. That is why things will never change. I guess you got some karma though, so yay for you!

The price one pays for pursuing any profession, or calling, is an intimate knowledge of its ugly side. -- James Baldwin