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Comment: Re:Open Source By Itself is Not Enough (Score 1) 63

by mexsudo (#49370387) Attached to: India Mandates Use of Open Source Software In Government

Open source can be desirable. However, as we've seen in the recent acquisition of FoundationDB by Apple, without a strong foundation to serve as a home for the project, open source software is in danger of both poor code quality or being taken private and yanked by a proprietary buyer.

true. however experience has shown that ALL software (open and propitiatory) are subject to crude work, poor support, and/or NSA nuggets

Comment: Re: I've got this (Score 1) 400

by mexsudo (#49014421) Attached to: An Argument For Not Taking Down Horrific Videos
"Do you have kids? I do. I trust them and teach them right and wrong etc but don't watch them 24/7 and am not keen on young kids coming across violent hateful crap online" So you think it is OK to let your kids cruise the web however the want... because you are lazy? Take some personal responsibility and raise your kids like you Know you should

Comment: Re:Cheers for Mint (Score 0) 89

by mexsudo (#48498587) Attached to: Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon and MATE Editions Released
Good move. My wife had similar complaints. I went one step better and also installed LMDE on her laptop. after configuring it to look identical to her Mint I set it as her default boot OS. >>> she did not notice the change at all. after a couple weeks I asked how she liked. she thought a bit and replied "I did notice that there were no updates needed, but I thought maybe you were doing that for me." LMDE = Stable. next spring LMDE2 will be even more stable.

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