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Comment: Re:They should hire a social media consultant with (Score 1) 536 536

Drugs are profitable precisely because they're illegal. People will pay loads of money for something if they want it bad enough, and since the supply is relatively limited...

Look at prohibition -- after it was repealed, organized crime had to go into other businesses to survive. Ones that are generally less profitable.

Comment: Re:How's about this... (Score 1) 569 569

Exactly. A man having sex outside marriage was never punished, but a woman who was even *suspected* of not being a virgin on her wedding night was to be put to death. And let's not forget the LOVELY requirement than women marry their rapists. That, right there, is enough proof for me that basically everything in the old testament should not be used as the sole basis for something in modern society.

Comment: Re:I'll Hold My Breath (Score 3, Funny) 1797 1797

The thing is, schools "need" to have multi-million-dollar sports facilities and useless crap like that, and they can't do that if they can't charge people 20k/year or more. Now that the price is up, it sure as hell isn't going to come back down any time soon.

Comment: Re:Blame the schools, too.... (Score 1) 917 917

I wanna point out -- when I finally get back to school, I am more than likely going to be running a 300 dollar netbook. And in 2.5 years of schooling, I only racked up a little over 12k in loans. More than I'd like, but it's been going down now that I'm paying it off. Not everyone who goes to school is a "me-too" idiot. Some of us went to school because we liked the fact that we could learn stuff ;)

Comment: Re:You think the housing collapse was bad (Score 1) 917 917

Having structure is good, to an extent; but when everything is so compartmentalized, like it is now, that simply is not going to work. College is far too "inorganic" -- things are discontiguous. Ever hear a student complain about how a class for their major is "something they'll never need"? That's a symptom of this, among other things. If you aren't showing students how the class will help them, they have no incentive to learn outside of getting a piece of paper, except in a few students who just like everything.

Comment: Re:You think the housing collapse was bad (Score 1) 917 917

I lived in the "high-end" building at my old university -- we each had separate rooms and big beds, and that was all that we got above the normal. The internet connection has *always* sucked there -- to the point you can't use Skype (which *does* have legitimate educational uses, since my ex still goes there and I use it to go over papers with her) or browse YouTube or download large files you *need* to have for a class. This is in addition to being forced into the oldest open building on campus every semester when something in the building fails miserably, and not even getting a refund for the difference.

And then the school won't help the psychology department go to a conference, but they gave thousands of dollars to the African-American organization on campus so that they could run a fashion show. And a million-dollar inflatable sports dome. And tons of other crap with money, like buildng a covered walkway for a section of sidewalk that is less than 250 feet, at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars.

Comment: Re:seems to solve an obvious problem (Score 1) 392 392

Actually, no, it was B has no power to force Amazon to collect their sales tax since they do not have a presence in the state; it is the *customer's* responsibility. Unless everything I've ever read on the matter is wrong, in which case, please, show me ^_^

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