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Comment Abuse of the justice system (Score 1) 205 205

The way the government went after you was an abuse of the system. Seizing your domains and assets before a court hearing, the raid, the fact that you were not doing anything illegal etc..Do you plan to use your resources to highlight this corruption and prevent it from happening to others?

Comment Re:"stealing just like stealing anything else" (Score 1) 408 408

The infringer gets something for nothing â" like a thief. The copyright holder loses something â" like a theft-victim.

The 'infringer' often has no legitimate means to otherwise access the content. Canadian Netflix has a 10th of what US Netflix does, so what is a better solution here, if the 'infringer' wants to stream something that Bell refuses to make available?

The copyright holder only potentially loses something. That's key. If they made it available on Canadian Netflix they wouldn't be losing anything, and if it wasn't possible to watch over a US based VPN they may not pay for it at all. I know I wouldn't.

Comment Re:Nonsense (Score 1) 179 179

Yes. It's easier for me to suspend disbelief that a human could train himself up and become a vigilante with billions of dollars, or that aliens might have different physiologies that we perceive as powers as opposed to a bunch of fantasy creatures existing in a fantasy realm using fantasy forces none of which is remotely plausible.

Comment Re:Nonsense (Score 1) 179 179

Well, DUH.

I posted an opinion to contrast against the story, which is nothing more than an opinion.

I would almost guarantee that more scientists are into comics than fantasy set in a middle age type world, because one gets you thinking, the other is dumb entertainment that isn't even plausible.

Comment Nonsense (Score 1) 179 179

It's precisely why I can't stand these books. I can't suspend my disbelief that middle earth exists, that magic exists, not the way they use or describe it.

I would imagine more scientists get into comics, with even more detailed and well defined universe, often with rules that are consistent with our own or at least plausibly explained enough to suspend disbelief.

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