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Comment: Re:City of London Police =/= British Police (Score 1) 160

by metrix007 (#47567017) Attached to: London Police Placing Anti-Piracy Warning Ads On Illegal Sites

I admit I did not read your links, because I have seen this same nonsense theory pop up on /. numerous times before, and have read those links in the past.

The link and explanation RE the Common Council is interesting, thank you. Still, I only see evidence that this allows the corporations to have more influence over the City of London Police, it still is not the same thing as governing them.

When people make that claim, they make it seem like rest of laws in the country have no influence on the CoL police, and that simply isn't true. They are still accountable to higher powers and laws.

Do you have any information on arrestable offenses or crimes in The City of London that could not be made by the Metropolitan Police Force?

Any practical evidence of the corporations influence on the City of London police force benefiting corporations over people?

I think it's a terrible thing that corporations have this much influence on any police force, but I don't think it's fair to say they govern the police force. They are different things.

Comment: Firewalls are overrated and misunderstood. (Score 2) 348

A firewall will not stop most attacks. A firewall has to allow traffic to the services that are permitted (duh), and so that open channel, attacking and exploiting the service is what will allow the attack.

A firewall could not stop that by design.

If an internet facing server is secure correctly, there is no need for a firewall in front of it.

There is however a need for a firewall between the DMZ (which is where this server should be) and the internal network, to prevent access to the internal network in the event the server in the DMZ is compromised.

Comment: Re:For domestic use only (Score 1) 176

by metrix007 (#47561779) Attached to: Senate Bill Would Ban Most Bulk Surveillance

Well, yeah. Why should they?

Spying is what countries do on each other, even friendly countries.

I'd like to see a stop to agreements like the five eyes bullshit, and I don't think the NSA needs to archive every single goddamn email and telephone call....but intercepting communications of people from other countries if there is due cause?

No issue what so ever.

And, if you as a private citizen have an issue, you can double up on security because you should assume people are trying to listen regardless. Hell, maybe even your own government is doing the listening.

Comment: Re:Great. Now the sloth community... (Score 1) 739

by metrix007 (#47559025) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: "GCC 4.9.0 Seems To Be Terminally Broken"

No, you're generally proved incorrect and are just too arrogant to realize it.

Your post history is available at, FYI.

And yes, that is post history, and no, it isn't limited to your last 25 posts.

Here you can see your posts 10 pages in :

And that argument with Xest? Idiot armchair lawyer didn't understand the law as much as he thought he did. I showed him to be wrong, but he just couldn't listen.

Ahh, I love arrogant IT people who can't admit when they're wrong. It's just so amusing.

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