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Comment: Re:Deaf victims? (Score 1) 1235

by metachor (#26614835) Attached to: New Law Will Require Camera Phones To "Click"

Oh no! What about the deaf *and* blind?!

A probe to poke the target that would spell out in morse code that you're being photographed.

Great, now we've gone from regular cell phones that might be used by a predator to harass their victim unawares, to a case where the cell phone itself is performing the harassment.

The Courts

Interview With Jailed Video Blogger Josh Wolf 457

Posted by kdawson
from the alarm-clock dept.
Video blogger and independent journalist Josh Wolf has been in a federal jail for 170 days for refusing to turn over to a federal grand jury a video of a San Francisco demonstration. On Feb. 6 Wolf's length of incarceration set a new record for US journalism. "Democracy Now!" has an interview with Josh Wolf from his jail cell. If federal authorities can jail bloggers with impunity, it does not bode well for the future of citizen journalism.

+ - Eve-Online: Developers cheat in game to win!

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Eve-Online, known as the largest space combat MMOG, finds itself on the verge of imploding due to in game cheating by Eve developers themselves. Recently one of the Eve developers came clean about spawning extremely rare items for the use of himself and his corp. His corporation "Band Of Brothers", has been using these items and exploiting other game bugs to gain a large advantage over paying customers. Instead of dealing with the problem, CCP the creators of Eve-Online move to sweep all thoughts of wrong doing under the carpet =423 and have been locking all forum posts on the topic and banning the same players that pay their wages. Where else but in Eve-Online can you pay for the privilege to be censored for reporting cheating by the developers themselves. Hopefully CCP will come to their senses to save a good game before far too many people cancel their accounts."

+ - Short proof of the four color theorem?

Submitted by easyEmu
easyEmu (977903) writes "Today a mathematics paper claiming to be a short theoretic proof of the four color theorem appeared on the arxiv. Such papers appear on the arxiv about once every three months by non-mathematicians who are quacks. According to other papers under this latest author's name, Yanyou Qiao has collaborated with other mathematicians, one of whom I know is very respected in his field of research. Could this be the long awaited arrival of a simple proof, in this case eight pages, of the famous four color theorem, or simply another attempt with a fatal flaw?"

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