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Comment Personal Beliefs (Score 1) 386 386

I've found over the years that a great many skeptics have some area in their life, where their personal beliefs come at odds with scientific consensus or their skepticism. These would include a great many things you/others write against as bunk: chi, anti-vaccination views, global warming "debate", acupuncture, raw diets, chiropractic, good luck charms, or personal rituals.

What beliefs (if any) do you hold or practice that might not be well based in science (good luck charm, personal ritual, unproved frontiers of "science" such as singularity theory)?

How do we reconcile psychological tools (chi in martial arts, good luck charms, placebos for psychosomatic illnesses / pain management, etc...) with the need to inform the public of their basis (or complete lack thereof) in reality?

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