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Comment Audio equipment (Score 1) 338 338

A few years ago I decided that all I wanted from my old audio gear was my turntable that I got in 1993. So I found a nice pre-amp online (DJ-Pre II) and connected it to my computer. Now I can still listen to records, but taking up 1/4 the space. Also nice since places like Amazon have been stocking new and older titles for a couple of years now.

Comment I've seen phsychology reports differ. (Score -1, Flamebait) 346 346

Long time alcoholics tend to suffer from a duality within the mind, the one who wants to stay sober, and the other that wants to drink. LSD can cause a permanent splitting of the psychosis and the end result can be schizophrenia. So I wouldn't recommend trying this.

Comment Keep on keepin on! (Score 1) 1521 1521

Thanks for everything Rob, and best of luck to your future endeavours! I stumbled upon this site in 1998 and am still a daily reader. I would have to say half of my geek vocabulary was developed through this site, and other phrases as they came into being. I've moved around and lived in 3 different countries for IT work and showed everyone I met Slashdot, so it's been a nice constant companion on the crazy web. Slashdot just got a bit smaller today. Take care Rob!

Comment My Reason - Loudness War (Score 3, Informative) 405 405

I recently ordered a copy of 'Them Crooked Vultures' on Vinyl, sounds fantastic! With the Loudness Wars [ ] going on for the last while, music is becoming harder to listen to with all the compression, you lose the dynamics of the recording. I've recently gotten back into vinyl because of this. My ears have been thanking me ever since!

Comment Loudness Wars (Score 2, Interesting) 849 849

Yeah, I even find it's hard to listen to a lot of newer albums for very long without my ears getting tired. On the other hand, if I listen to LP's I can listen to many in a row and not feel that way. The Loudness Wars are just ruining the way music is heard:

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