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Comment Re:Who is paying? (Score 2) 249

Mozilla needs a high market share in order to convince search engines to give it a better contract.

meaning Mozilla will try to get a larger userbase for firefox, so that the next round it needs more money, It can ask for more money from bing/google/yahoo or whoever is willing to pay for the defualt browser spot for firefox.

so do they have paying customors outside north america? no, it doesn't matter, its the market firefox is trying to expand into to get money later

Comment Robots will replace blue collar labor (Score 4, Insightful) 625

this is not even the first step

blue collar labor in america by and large has no future. The government needs to change the economic model to start developing our children's mind from a young age. and i mean, like making educational material -- like chemistry sets, cheap enough so that it's almost free

Comment Re:Yawn... (Score 1) 78

Mitsubishi has plans for making the f-16 and the f4-phantom from the united states. they have legal liscenses for this.

chances are, they also have the plans for the f-35. and if thats the case.... well dont expect america's allys to have the edge against their adversaries.

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