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Comment: Re:Not different (Score 1) 178

by men0s (#36811750) Attached to: <em>Chain World</em> &mdash; Innovative Game Design Sparks Debate
Didn't some SA Goons do something similar with a Dwarf Fortress world file? I'm not sure of the stipulations on when your time was up, but it seemed interesting. Someone started a new world, did some work, posted screen caps and summaries, and then handed it off to another Goon. Only one person could play it at a time. Rinse and repeat. The thread was entertaining to read, for sure.

Comment: Re:Where's wiki-leaks? (Score 1) 718

by men0s (#36014474) Attached to: 'Motherlode' of Data Seized At Bin Laden Compound
I was going to give the Hopefully a while answer but for completely different reasons.

They stated that they have hundreds of people going through it. If one of those hundreds leaked it, I imagine it wouldn't take many resources to figure out who it was. I mean, these guys just killed the Hide and Seek World Champion; surely a mole in their own group would be much easier to locate and neutralize.

Also, is this information relevant? With Wikileaks, lots of the information and cables were in the vein of what the United States government was doing or saying without letting the US citizens know. The data that is contained on some spinning platters in OBL's compound could be, well, anything. It might not even be pertinent to any country's citizens.

Comment: Re:Feed 'em false numbers (Score 1) 138

by men0s (#35929286) Attached to: Wardrivers Target Seattle Businesses

It would be easy to set up a weakly protect access point that did nothing but generate bogus transactions with bad credit card numbers - that could pollute the crook's database, particularly if they don't do a good job of recording of which card number came from which network.

They could do that, yes, but I would hope that these war drivers understand that nearly all credit card numbers are generated according to the Luhn check. They would run those bad credit card numbers through an algorithm that returns a boolean value denoting whether the credit card is valid or not. If not, they would simply send it to the bit bucket in the sky.

Comment: Re:yes but... (Score 1) 1251

by men0s (#35534048) Attached to: Texas Bill Outlaws Discrimination Against Creationists In Academia
Except no religion is mentioned. This is simply a belief into how the universe was created. Yes, there are ID believers that also follow a monotheistic religion but do all of them follow the same one? Are they all Catholic, Lutheran, or Baptist? Or maybe they are a Christian or of Native American descent.

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