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Comment: Counterintuitive? (Score 1) 860

by mellowjen (#21192289) Attached to: Anti-Terrorism and the Death of the Chemistry Set
Isn't there a current trend in our educational system where students are deviating from following math and science programs to pursue more "fun" fields? (This last part is debatable and I'm a bit biased ;) There have been so many initiatives to get people interested once again in these fields (such as IBM sponsoring its own program, the backlash of computer scientists regaining control of the field to prevent further outsourcing, etc).. Wouldn't this undo these efforts by preventing a child from being curious? I remember my first chemistry kit - it amazed and awed me, really got me thinking, made me even more curious.. shouldn't we be trying to make children more and not less likely to *think* outside of school, on their time and find it to be enjoyable!? Sigh..

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