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Comment: Re:1 word. (Score 3, Interesting) 596

by melf-san (#30697698) Attached to: Why Everyone Has High Hopes For Apple Tablet

Too expensive for my tastes (the pricing for the Cintiq seems to be at least partially "we're the only ones with something like this on the market so we can charge whatever we want").

Well, it looks like it is possible to build DIY Cintig from a LCD panel a normal Wacom panel (with a bit of skill :).
There is an example buildlog:
An there is a forum of the DIY Cintiq community:
So I am now hunting for 15" LCDs with external power supply and old 12"x12" Wacom tablets :D


CERN Physicist Warns About Uranium Shortage 581

Posted by timothy
from the switch-to-geraniums dept.
eldavojohn writes "Uranium mines provide us with 40,000 tons of uranium each year. Sounds like that ought to be enough for anyone, but it comes up about 25,000 tons short of what we consume yearly in our nuclear power plants. The difference is made up by stockpiles, reprocessed fuel and re-enriched uranium — which should be completely used up by 2013. And the problem with just opening more uranium mines is that nobody really knows where to go for the next big uranium lode. Dr. Michael Dittmar has been warning us for some time about the coming shortage (PDF) and has recently uploaded a four-part comprehensive report on the future of nuclear energy and how socioeconomic change is exacerbating the effect this coming shortage will have on our power consumption. Although not quite on par with zombie apocalypse, Dr. Dittmar's final conclusions paint a dire picture, stating that options like large-scale commercial fission breeder reactors are not an option by 2013 and 'no matter how far into the future we may look, nuclear fusion as an energy source is even less probable than large-scale breeder reactors, for the accumulated knowledge on this subject is already sufficient to say that commercial fusion power will never become a reality.'"

Comment: Re:It says: 256MB RAM... (Score 1) 744

by melf-san (#29925925) Attached to: Ubuntu 9.10 Officially Released
The default OS is is shipped with is quite ironicaly modified Ubuntu 9.10 :)
They just grabbed some alpha/beta and customized it for the device.

Other than the default distro, you can run Mer, Android and WinCE.
The os can be booted from the internal flash (some iNand) or from the SD card and the device is said to be basicaly unbrickable.

Comment: Re:It says: 256MB RAM... (Score 1) 744

by melf-san (#29925873) Attached to: Ubuntu 9.10 Officially Released
No problem :)
This is where I bought it from:
But there are other sites:
And there is a "Where to buy ?" thread on the unofficial SmartQ users board:

Comment: Re:What's the speed like? (Score 1) 297

by melf-san (#29913001) Attached to: Russia Develops Spaceship With Nuclear Engine
Well, that depends. For more engines, you need: *more power *more cooling *more fuel And you get: *more trust Provided you dont increase the fuel quantity, you will get just more thrust/acceleration from more engines (nice for going throught the radiation belts fast) but the overall journey time could actually be longer(added mass). Basically for any added mass, you need more mass (engines,fuel,power sources) to move it and even more mass if you want to go fast. Of course, when you ignore money, it could be built. But it would looks like a pyramid made of fuel tanks, radiators, reactors and engines with one human in a specesuit sitting in an open cockpit :) BTW, when you ignore also the technical aspect, you get a torchship. You can get from planet to planet in days accelerating at comfortable 1g...but the power requirements are OBSCENE and you would slice a space station in half with your propulsion plume if you are not careful enought :)

+ - Masten claims seccond place on Lunar Lander Prize->

Submitted by melf-san
melf-san (1504607) writes "After Armadillo Aerospace claimed the first place on both level one and level two , Masten Space Systems from Mojave have claims the seccond place on the level one Lunar Lander Prize. A video of the flight is already available . But, the race isn`t over yet. There is still the 2nd level prizes seccond place and other teams can still beat them by landing more accurately."
Link to Original Source

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