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Comment: That was a joke about SK (Score 1) 114 114

by meisterk (#14606898) Attached to: An Insider's Take on Steve Jobs
... that's originally a joke about "Stan the Man" Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg that Matthew Modine told SK on the set of Full Metal Jacket.

So if I read you correctly, Bill Gates = Steven Spielberg and Steve Jobs = Stanley Kubrick

Come to think of it...

On one hand you got a guy who made litteraly gallizions of dollars on expensive, mindless blockbusters that everybody and their cousin went to see (Jurassic Park, Raiders etc...) during two decades, and then switched to more "serious" issues (Schindler, Color Purple, Munich).

Doesn't that remind of Bill Gates making tons of cash on Windows, then turning on more serious activities like donating a huge portion of his fortune to charity?

And on the other hand Steve Jobs, the visionary, the perfectionist, the uncompromising, the man who hires people that are willing to top themselves at the risk of total exhaustion?

Read any article on SK and SJ and you well see that the analogy kinda works...

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