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Comment Re:Check your math. (Score 1) 880

Actually, I think that the Christian rules are even a bit stronger, and I'd correct your phrase as follows:

- So a Christian fanatic, who wishes to live by the word of his god is not compelled to convert or kill anyone

+ So a Christian fanatic, who wishes to live by the word of his god is compelled not to kill anyone

Comment Re:So why did Apple and Google toss it? (Score 1) 202

This is a sincere question: can I display a single remote app (either running on Linux or another Mac OS X) on a Mac OS X desktop, among other, local, windows ? Cause I do this permanently with X11, and this is really the main reason why I would not even consider switching to OS X.

Comment Quite a bit of hyperbole in there (Score 1) 179

I only watched the beginning at this point, but the presenter says something that does not bode too well for the rest. Speaking about how it was bad that the client side parser was insecure, especially for setuid clients:

This code was written in the eighties with the assumption that the server is trusted so there is little validation on the client side.

Well, of course the server is trusted. This is the code which runs on your local workstation. If your input terminal is compromised, you're so hosed anyway that it's not really worth considering exactly what hole they will be using !

Comment Re:Dominican Republic, Iran and Thailand stats (Score 1) 322

And yet a value of 14K per 100K does not strike you as slightly implausible... There is an obvious transcription error, the comma is used as a decimal separator in many countries, so the number must be 14 not 14K. Still a big difference, but ... smaller. Don't let this stand in the way of your calling people crazy.

Comment Re:I remember being puzzled by that chapter (Score 1) 423

To add an anecdotic data point, I was circumcized as an adult (male), and if I see a difference at all in terms of sensations, it would be in the direction of (very minor) improvement.

I concur in saying that to put male and female circumcisions on the same plane is preposterous, the intentions and consequences are close to opposite. The term "female circumcision" is misleading and should not be used at all. "Excision" is used in French for the female mutilation.

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