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Comment The systemd way (Score 5, Interesting) 572

Just an anecdote: during a recent upgrade from Debian Wheezy to Jessie, the first boot into the new system failed with a message from systemd about mtab not being a link into /proc/something (a trivial problem as far as I can see).

Can't remember the exact message from systemd, but it was something about being "frozen"

No going into single user, nothing, just F... you and go reboot on the CD image. Happy enough that the machine was on my desk...

And they wonder why many people don't like systemd....

Comment Who will invest in baseload generators ? (Score 1) 421

The main point of the article is that the renewables are lowering the rentability of the baseload generator because they lower the marginal price to zero when the conditions are good.

This does not means that we don't need the gas/nuclear/coal ones at night when the wind does not blow.

Who will pay for them ?

Comment Re:Check your math. (Score 1) 880

Actually, I think that the Christian rules are even a bit stronger, and I'd correct your phrase as follows:

- So a Christian fanatic, who wishes to live by the word of his god is not compelled to convert or kill anyone

+ So a Christian fanatic, who wishes to live by the word of his god is compelled not to kill anyone

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