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+ - Intel Users Have Lower IQs Than AMD

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "In a recent survey conducted by Moritech RAD, a study of over 5,000 computer users concluded that people who use Intel powered computers have a lower IQ than their AMD counterparts. The study took place over a six month period and involved computer users with Intel and AMD powered computers of various specifications. The test subjects were asked to complete a series of written and hands on tests covering basic computer skills up to more advanced tasks. The survey found that over 69% of people with Intel powered computers had greater learning difficulties and found computer related tasks more difficult compared with 31% of AMD. -users-less-intelligent-than-amd.html"

+ - Is Linux's big year always next year?

Submitted by
Elisa Gabbert
Elisa Gabbert writes "Oracle on Linux: Is Linux's big year always next year?

Around this time last year we ran a story called "IOUG: Linux to be top platform for Oracle by next year." Mark Brunelli had spoken with IOUG president Ari Kaplan about a survey of the organization's members, which indicated that Linux was poised to overtake Solaris as the top operating system for Oracle DBMS deployments in 2007. Did these predictions bear fruit?

Unfortunately, it's not clear. The IOUG conducted a similar survey this year, but they did not ask respondents the exact same question. Instead, members were asked to check all operating systems in use. Here's what they reported:
  1. Windows 509
  2. Solaris 475
  3. Linux 448
  4. HP/UX 283
  5. AIX 247
  6. Unix 176
  7. z/OS 42
  8. Tru64 37
  9. VMS 39
  10. System I (iSeries,A/400) 14
  11. No Answer 10
  12. Other 9
Due to the wording of the question, we don't know what the favored OS for the Oracle database currently is. It's too bad — I became curious about predictions of Linux domination after reading a blog post by Marco Craveiro. With desktop Linux as well, it seems, domination is always just around the corner:

Well, three months into 2007 and very few mass migrations to desktop Linux have been announced. A few thousands here and there, but not the millions we all want. It's beginning to look like our hopes for 2007 as the Linux Desktop Year (TM) have been misplaced yet again. The algorithm for the Linux Desktop Year is becoming clear now: N + 1, where N is the current year. Yep, its always next year. What's going on here? Are we never going to have Linux on the desktop? [...] What about World Domination?
So is Linux's big year ever really going to arrive? What do you think? Does your Oracle shop already run on Linux? Does it have plans to switch? Do you think Oracle-on-Linux will eventually have its day in the sun, or are the open-sourcers just dreaming?"

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