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Comment Less blue sky more grounded (Score 1) 806

What would make more sense to me was if SETI was doing concrete earth based research first. Namely how about
analysing common earth based signals e.g. cell phone signals. How would you go about writing an algorithm to
search within a data stream for intelligent signals (language) then how would you extract those signals into
meaning (translation).

Essentially I think we should be using the many languages/signals that exist on earth to perform research, this
would be of great use in the here and now; while learning a lot that would apply upon detecting
a signal. Research in this area could impact information theory, cryptography, compression etc.

Also as other posters have pointed out how about studying exotic communication ideas (faster than light
communication) equally fanciful but potentially very useful in the here and now. When we better understand
both how to send fast signals and what constitutes an intelligent signal... then we'll be in a much better
place to actually look for them and we'll have done some useful research in the meantime.

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