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Comment: Re:Snowden... (Score 2) 142

by mcl630 (#49687615) Attached to: House Votes To End Spy Agencies' Bulk Collection of Phone Data

So Snowden is going to be pardoned by Obama now, right? Because he's been proven to be correct time and time again, and congress continues to validate his position by voting to approve these counter-spy bills.

This is the one and only "counter-spy bill" they've passed (and it still needs to get through the Senate). Everything else from congress on this has just been hot air.

Comment: Re:The real problem is... (Score 2) 190

by mcl630 (#49643423) Attached to: No Justice For Victims of Identity Theft

Excellent points AC. I'll add that we need to end using Social Security numbers as the primary identifier for all things banking, credit, and health care. SSN should only be used for dealing with the government (ie Social Security, tax filings, disability). Banking, credit, and credit reports need some other identifier that can be changed when identify theft occurs. The health care industry shouldn't be using SSN either. Using one (not easily changed) number for some many things just makes for more opportunities for it to be stolen, and once it's stolen more avenues for the criminals use that information for profit and makes it that much harder to clean it all up.

Comment: Re:Get over it (Score 1) 190

by mcl630 (#49643297) Attached to: No Justice For Victims of Identity Theft

TFA addressed that. Eventually that "lock down" is lifted and you let your guard down. Cyber criminals have figured that out, and will wait months or years to reuse or resell your information. In this case, they have the guy's SSN, so they can just wait for the locks to come off his credit to apply for more credit cards in his name.

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