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Comment: Again, Slashdot Buthcers The Facts (Score 1) 1034

by mbstone (#46031823) Attached to: AMC Theaters Allegedly Calls FBI to Interrogate a Google Glass Wearer

This is the second legal story this week -- actually it's the second Google Glass legal story this week -- in which Slashdot has got many of the key facts embarrassingly wrong.

Does Slashdot want to be taken seriously, or respected, as a media outlet? Then do fact checking.

In the context of a legal story this means having the story reviewed by someone with formal legal training.

+ - Software Developer Beats Rap For Driving While Wearing Google Glass

Submitted by mbstone
mbstone (457308) writes "California motorist and software developer Cecilia Abadie was found not guilty by a San Diego Superior Court commissioner Thursday (16) of charges of both speeding, and of driving with a video monitor visible. The California Highway Patrol had cited her based on her wearing Google Glass when pulled over; however, the commissioner ruled that the prosecution could not prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the device was activated."

Comment: Obviousness (Score 3, Insightful) 226

by mbstone (#45878543) Attached to: BlackBerry Sues iPhone Keyboard Maker Typo

They shamelessly copied the look of the BlackBerry keyboard. So what. The design of a QWERTY keyboard isn't an original work of authorship, nor is it nonobvious, nor are QWERTY keyboards associated with BB in the minds of members of the public.. No copyright, no patent, no trademark.

Case dismissed.

BB should buy the thing if it has any money left.

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