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Comment: Re:We'll know if its a good bill.. (Score 2) 347

by mbstone (#49245553) Attached to: FCC Posts Its 400-Page Net Neutrality Order

Thanks for the link, which confirms that:

1) FCC "allows" but does not "mandate" carriers to impose an access charge. Do you know of any telcos that don't charge this, out of the goodness of their hearts?

2) If you don't pay the universal service charge directly, you'll pay it indirectly. The Tooth Fairy won't pay it for you.

+ - Cockroaches Found To Have Differing Personalities->

Submitted by mbstone
mbstone writes: According to a study at Université Libre de Bruxelles, different cockroaches react differently to stimuli, leading to their conclusion that some are shy, and some, extroverted. "The study revealed that the cockroaches wouldn't necessarily flee to shelters like researchers expected, but instead took unpredictable intervals of time to seek out shelter, which researchers attributed to individual personality traits within the cockroaches, like braveness or shyness. The shyer cockroaches were more likely to wait and see what their friends did before venturing toward shelter."
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Comment: Re:Here's one (Score 1) 348

by mbstone (#49222043) Attached to: Obama Administration Claims There Are 545,000 IT Job Openings

No, no, no. The $30/hr figure is not what the client will pay. It's what the low-ball recent-immigrant non-English-speaking recruiter will pay. I often receive the same job listing from 3-4 "recruiters" at different rates. Probably the client would be happy to pay $75/hr for somebody who really knows Hadoop.

Because none of these goddamn companies hire directly I have to choose the one who will pocket the least amount of my bill rate.

Comment: Just Too Many Variables (Score 1) 57

by mbstone (#49157711) Attached to: Genetic Data Analysis Tools Reveal How US Pop Music Evolved

While the researchers in TFA took account of "harmonic" and "timbral" chnges, whatever that means, the study is still meaningless because it doesn't take into account:

1. Changes in population demographics;
2. Changes in recording technology, e.g. multitrack recording, use of digital effects such as delay, flanging and reverb;
3. Evolution of synthesizer technology including sequencers, MIDI, etc.;
4. Changes in distribution channels, i.e. obsolescence of physical media;
5. Increases in the amount of music composed and produced primarily as motion-picture promotional tie-ins;
6. Changes in radio audience measurement (ratings and their effect on playlists);
7. DJ motivation for airplay, including payola.
8. Changes in the way consumers access music, for example transistor radios, boom boxen, Walkmen,. iPods, smartphones, Sirius XM.

I'm sure I could think of a dozen or so other factors. Nice try.

+ - Ask Slashdot: Why Can't I Download Supernarket Receipt Data?

Submitted by mbstone
mbstone writes: Like most Americans I shop for groceries at a supermarket; at the conclusion of my purchase I receive a long paper receipt. How come there isn't a URL on the receipt whereby I can download my purchase data (UPC code, description, quantity, price) to a spreadsheet or CSV format? Do they not want me to be able to compare prices with those of other stores, or to better recognize pricing changes?

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