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Comment Re:I was wondering the same thing... (Score 1) 461

The large number of replies to the parent indicate there are any number of folks on Slashdot who don't realize that no true pressure cookers have glass tops: The glass would break under the pressure. Duuh.

More to the point, do we know that the US Capitol Police didn't make the same mistake, and blew up somebody's crockpot?

Comment Re:Not news, not for nerds, doesn't matter (Score 2) 231

Let me correct myself. I care that four U.S. nationals died, leaving behind grieving loved ones.

But Mr. Obama didn't kill them. Mrs. Clinton didn't kill them.Terrorists did.

Mr. Obama isn't running for president. Whatever was or wasn't done in Benghazi is insignificant compared to the war crimes of Bush, Cheney et al.

Who's more likely to start another needless war if elected president? Mrs. Clinton, or Jeb Bush?

Comment Re:We'll know if its a good bill.. (Score 2) 347

Thanks for the link, which confirms that:

1) FCC "allows" but does not "mandate" carriers to impose an access charge. Do you know of any telcos that don't charge this, out of the goodness of their hearts?

2) If you don't pay the universal service charge directly, you'll pay it indirectly. The Tooth Fairy won't pay it for you.

Submission + - Cockroaches Found To Have Differing Personalities (youtube.com)

mbstone writes: According to a study at Université Libre de Bruxelles, different cockroaches react differently to stimuli, leading to their conclusion that some are shy, and some, extroverted. "The study revealed that the cockroaches wouldn't necessarily flee to shelters like researchers expected, but instead took unpredictable intervals of time to seek out shelter, which researchers attributed to individual personality traits within the cockroaches, like braveness or shyness. The shyer cockroaches were more likely to wait and see what their friends did before venturing toward shelter."

Comment Re:Here's one (Score 1) 348

No, no, no. The $30/hr figure is not what the client will pay. It's what the low-ball recent-immigrant non-English-speaking recruiter will pay. I often receive the same job listing from 3-4 "recruiters" at different rates. Probably the client would be happy to pay $75/hr for somebody who really knows Hadoop.

Because none of these goddamn companies hire directly I have to choose the one who will pocket the least amount of my bill rate.

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