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Comment: I have used the exemption (Score 1) 1048

Yes but I am not a nut, here is why we did it.

We had a foster child and kept his shots up to date.
When adopted, all his medical records were sealed and under his old name
The next year the state would not allow him to start school without the records
His doctor (who had given him the shots and knew he was up to date said we should not just give him a second set)
so we signed the exemption to get him back in school

he was never out of date but on paper he was

Comment: I wonder what the all network block is (Score 1) 184

by maxwells_deamon (#47866637) Attached to: Device Boots Drones, Google Glass Off Wi-Fi

If I was going to implement something like this I would try the following:

Request for DHCP address detected:
            is it from a prohibited MAC address range?
                          Give a bogus Gateway address (packets from the device are lost)
            Else give legitimate address

Comment: Perfect Breakout player (Score 1) 231

by maxwells_deamon (#47848879) Attached to: Did you use technology to get into mischief as a child?

The Apple II had just come out when I started college. I got a job in the computer center. I had a hacked copy of the breakout game. I just set the paddle position to be the same as the position of the ball in the code.

When I knew someone was coming into the computer room, I would fire it up and then turn around and talk to them while still moving the paddle in my hands. I was facing away from the screen so I could obviously not see the ball.

People got shell shocked and stuttered but almost no one would ask how I was that good at the game.

Comment: Re:I am not colorblind (Score 1) 267

by maxwells_deamon (#47631311) Attached to: My degree of colorblindness:

Cataracts and issues with the vitreous (the "clear" fluid in the eyes) can cause color vision issues. She might want to talk to a eye surgeon if it interferes with her ability to work.

Most eye doctors will ignore such issues as a normal part of ageing unless specifically told that it causes work problems

Comment: Re:Not radiation free (Score 2) 146

I was thinking that the only way they could do this would be mass spec processing to remove all the radioactive elements (like carbon 14) from the soil and air before supplying this to the plants, They would be the most expensive plants ever harvested but in theory possible.

Then I noticed the plants were being grown in a building that is "totally free of chemicals" must be virtual food or uneducated people writing the article.

Comment: Re:bonus (Score 2) 664

I think that is the problem. they need to get a real warrant. If they just show up and demand the phone and cuff the jerk, A half way awake person will refuse the search and then destroy the phone. They need probable cause to narrow it down to a specific apartment and then go to a judge and then look like idiots if the they don't find 10 out of 10 of the phones they look for.

Also it does not earn any revenue for the city like traffic fines do

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